5 Best Natural Cure For Bursitis


bursitisBursitis is a kind of inflammation that is caused due to excessive physical work. This inflammation can be the cause of arthritis or injury in the joint or the bursa. Bursitis can cause a lot of pain and even tenderness in the movement of the nearby joints in the hands and the legs. There are several home remedies available for the treatment of bursitis.

Simple Natural Cure For Bursitis

Potato With A Glass Of Water

Grilled potato with a glass of water can be of great use for people suffering from bursitis because it has been one of the proven home remedies available for the help of the people. Taking in the liquid before breakfast can be of great help and this should be practiced on a daily basis in order to get the best results.

There are people who would not take the problem of bursitis very seriously because for them it may appear as a very minuscule thing, but this is an infection that can cause a lot of pain in the joints and even in the muscles, therefore it is important to have an effective treatment done for this problem.

Healthy Diet With An Inclusion Of Vitamins

A healthy diet is always needed for a healthy body and it should be kept in mind that people who do not eat good food are subject to lose their health very fast and then get prone to certain diseases very early in their life.


People suffering from bursitis should increase the intake of vitamins like Vitamin B12 and Vitamin A in their diet in order to keep their body and their health in good condition.

Calcium is equally important or the health of a person suffering from bursitis, therefore food of every type should be included in the diet leaving apart any sort of junk food. Leafy vegetables have a good amount of magnesium into them, so it should be made a point to intake a lot of vegetables by patients of bursitis. Good amount of water along with apple cider vinegar and honey should also be incorporated into the diet.

Application Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider Vinegar is said to be of great use for people infected with bursitis. A tablespoon of cayenne into a cup of apple cider vinegar can be of immense help for the pain that is caused due to bursitis. The only thing that needs to be done in this respect is that the mixture of cayenne and apple cider vinegar has to boiled and then simmered for about fifteen minutes in order to get the best results.

apple cider vinegar

Rubbing warm olive oil on the infected area can also do the work of the cayenne. The use of such oils for the treatment of bursitis is considered to be one of the oldest natural remedies known.

Effective Massaging

Massaging the area infected with bursitis through massage can serve as a great idea for patients because it has been found that regular massage can also help in the prevention of re-occurrence of bursitis after treatment and at the same time it also relieves much pain from the area that is infected.

Sea Water

Sea water is also said to be a proven method of getting relief from bursitis pain. It relieves the spasms of pain in the body and gives a lot of ease to the pain that is caused due to bursitis.

Bursitis can be of great damage for the body of a human being and the terrible pain can almost become unbearable at times.

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