5 Best Tips For Black Skin Care

Black Skin CareThe unique nature of people who have dark skin entails a specialized skin care routine. Individuals with a darker skin tone have higher melanin content. The elevated melanin content of black skin makes it prone to hyper-pigmentation problems.

Another skin problem commonly noticed among folks with dark skin is excessive dryness. Dark skinned people tend to have an overly dry skin which seems to be almost ashy in appearance. The problem of acne vulgaris is extremely rampant among individuals of African- American descent.

An Insight Into Black Skin Care

It is important to have a thorough knowledge of your distinctive skin type before embarking on a skin care routine. People with dark skin as mentioned earlier have their own unique skin problems. So, a skin care routine which addresses the specific problems of dark skin has to be formulated.

As dark skinned people have higher melanin content, using the wrong kind of skin care products can lead to skin discoloration and excessive pigmentation. Ideally, people of African American descent should stick with a simple and safe skin care routine.

Tips for Black Skin Care

Tips for Black Skin Care

It is extremely important to keep dark skin well hydrated to prevent it from drying out. However, since dark skinned people are prone to acne breakouts, an oil free moisturizing cream or gel should be used. The ideal skin care routine is one which keeps African American skin healthy while addressing the specific skin issues of this ethnic group.

Moisturize Daily

Since African Americans tend to have ultra dry skin it is important to keep the skin well hydrated. Natural oils like coconut oil and olive oil are ideal for keeping dry skin problems at bay. These one hundred percent pure organic oils should be applied regularly to keep the skin healthy and well moisturized.

Aqua based moisturizing lotions can also be applied to stave off dry skin problems. Dark skinned people should stay away from pore clogging moisturizing agents like petroleum jelly and mineral oils.

Avoid Chemicals

Dark skinned people should be extra diligent while purchasing commercial skin care lines. Many skin care products contain alcohol which can dry out the skin even further.

Although slightly more expensive than regular skin care products, organic skin care products are ideal for individuals with dark skin. Read the label on skin care products carefully and familiarize yourself with the ingredients before purchasing them.

Exfoliate Regularly

Dark skinned people are prone to a skin condition called pseudofolliculitis barbae. This follicular problem becomes very obvious after shaving. This skin condition can cause a lot of skin inflammation and formation of unsightly skin bumps.

Exfoliate Regularly

The best way to address this skin issue is to exfoliate the skin regularly. Use natural ingredients like oatmeal or almond meal as a body and facial scrub.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

People with dark skin should apply sunscreen regularly. Although dark skin has higher melanin content, it is not shielded from the harmful rays of the sun. Excessive exposure to the harmful UVA and / or UVB rays of the sun can hasten the ageing process. Ideally, use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more when you step outdoors.

Choose Cosmetics Wisely

Mineral makeup which is devoid of skin irritants and alcohol is ideal for dark skinned people. Mineral makeup can also hide skin problems which are unique to dark skinned people in an effectual manner.