5 Best Tips To Remove Eye Makeup

removal of eye makeupStunning eye make up can enhance the natural beauty of the eyes. If you leave your eye make up on at night, you will in all probability get up in the morning looking like a skunk. Besides looking terrible in the morning, eye make up that is left on overnight, can lead to excessive puffiness around the eyes and may also trigger acne breakouts.

Use a gentle eye make up remover, as the skin around the eyes is extremely delicate. Work the cleanser into the skin around the eyes, so that the last traces of eye make up is taken off. Some brilliant tips to remove eye makeup are listed below.

5 Tips To Remove Eye Make-up

Use a Gentle Liquid Cleanser

Use an ultra gentle cleanser to remove eye makeup. You should only purchase a liquid cleanser that is specially formulated to remove eye makeup. Pour a couple of drops of liquid cleanser into a clean cotton ball. Now gently cleanse the area around the eyes.

Liquid Cleanser

Remove eye shadow first and then gently wipe off the mascara. A Q-tip dipped in cleanser can be used to remove eyeliner. After removing eye makeup gently massage the area around the eyes with a  moisturizer or baby lotion.

Apply Baby Oil

If you have uber sensitive eyes this is probably the smartest way to remove the last vestiges of eye makeup. Gently remove eye makeup using a tissue that is soaked in baby oil. Take care to remove the eye makeup completely as even the slightest amount of eye make up that is left behind can accelerate the natural ageing process.

Apply Petroleum Jelly

Most women prefer to use petroleum jelly to remove eye makeup. Petroleum jelly not only removes eye make up but it also keeps the skin around the eyes well moisturized. Scoop out a small amount of petroleum jelly with your finger tip.

Petroleum Jelly

Now close your eyes and work the petroleum jelly around the eyes. Remove the excess petroleum jelly with a clean tissue. This technique to remove eye makeup may not be suitable for women who are sensitive to petroleum jelly. If you notice the skin around the eyes appearing excessively red after using petroleum jelly, the immediately discontinue its usage.

Use Coconut / Olive Oil

This is probably the safest way to remove eye makeup. In fact, most celebrities only use coconut / olive oil to remove makeup. Allow a few drops of pure coconut/ olive oil to trickle onto a clean tissue or cotton ball.

Coconut Oil

Now use this tissue/ cotton ball to gently remove eye makeup. After removing the eye make up you can massage the under eye region with a few more drops of coconut / olive oil.

Use Cold Cream

Apply a pea sized amount of cold cream on the area around the eyes and even on the lashes. Now use a tissue that is dipped in warm water to remove the eye makeup. The cold cream not only acts as an effective eye make up remover but it also conditions the sensitive skin around the eyes. Additionally, the usage of cold cream to remove eye makeup can retard the natural ageing process as well.