5 Best Ways To Treat Skin Herpes


5 Best Ways To Treat Skin Herpes The herpes simplex type 1 virus is responsible for skin herpes. Skin herpes is a pretty common skin infection which is transmitted from individual to individual by direct contact, engaging in unprotected anal and / or oral sex. Skin herpes unlike other forms of skin infection may not manifest itself immediately. The herpes simplex virus once contracted, will typically settle in the sensory nerve ganglia.

Once the herpes simplex virus becomes active, it can make its presence felt in the form of painful skin sores. The skin lesions or cold sores which are the result of herpes simplex virus infection can customarily be seen around the mouth, the buttocks and / or the genital region.

An Insight into Skin Herpes

Skin herpes is caused by Herpes Simplex Virus – I. When the herpes simplex virus which lives deep within the nerve root is activated, it can lead to the formation of tiny red blisters which develop around a reddened skin base. These tiny papules dry up after a short duration of time leaving behind itchy scabs or a crust.

The herpes sores comes in waves, with one set of skin lesions dying out completely before another set makes its appearance. Typically, new herpes sores appear on the site of the old sores which have died out.

Ways to Treat Skin Herpes

Skin herpes can lead to a lot of pain and discomfort. Stinging pain, itchy sensation and oozing boils are some of the negative effects of having herpes skin sores. People who are infected by herpes simplex virus can seek specific oral and / or topical medication to clear the symptoms associated with this condition. Taking great care of ones personal hygiene can also aid in reducing the intensity of this skin infection. Through this article we will examine some of the effective ways to treat skin herpes.

Non Drug Therapy

The best way to reduce the chances of recurrent skin herpes infection, as also alleviate the risk of transmitting the infection to other individuals is to maintain an excellent level of personal hygiene.

5 Best Ways To Treat Skin Herpes

Applying a cold compress directly over the skin lesions or sores can alleviate pain and discomfort attached with skin herpes to a large extent. Similarly, washing your hands with a good antiseptic hand wash can reduce the risk of transferring this skin infection to others.

Topical Skin Creams

Topical application of skin creams like penciclovir and / or acyclovir can help to reduce the stinging pain and hasten the healing time. Depending on the extent of infection a doctor may prescribe these skin creams to be applied regularly over an extended period of time.

However, the only drawback of using these topical creams is that they cannot alleviate the infection completely. For greater effectiveness the topical skin creams have to be used along with powerful oral prescription medication.

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Oral Medication

5 Best Ways To Treat Skin Herpes

One of the most effective ways to suppress herpes skin infection is to take a course of powerful oral antibiotics. Oral antibiotics which can fight herpes simplex virus include famciclovir, valacyclovir and / or acyclovir. Extended usage of valacyclovir can help to reduce the incidence of recurrent herpes skin infections.

Intravenous Treatment

Patients who have weakened immune system are administered acyclovir intravenously. Patients suffering from herpes simplex type 1 virus with weakened immune system have responded favorably to intravenous acyclovir treatment.

Supplement Therapy

Taking certain types of nutritional supplements can also help to reduce the chance of recurrent herpes skin infections. Nutritional supplements like citrus bioflavonoids, lysine and vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin B12 and vitamin E are known to fight herpes simplex skin infections.