5 Best Winter Jackets For Women


With winter arriving, you need to start stacking up your winter wardrobe with woollens. Coats and jackets make up an essential part of your winter wardrobe. Jackets are one of the easiest ways to draw attention to your main outfit.


Continue reading to find out the 5 best winter jackets which can be worn with almost any outfit.

5 Best Winter Jackets for Women

The Biker Jacket

This type of jacket was originally worn by men and women alike when riding a motorcycle. Now this has become a part of mainstream winter fashion. It is generally made out of leather. If you don’t wish you spend too much money on original leather, you can also opt for faux or fake leather. It gives the same look as an original leather biker jacket.

The more recent version of biker jackets for women have fur on the collar and the cuff regions. Team it up with a long top and a pair of skinny leggings (jeans leggings) to get the ideal look. Also try the same look with a Bomber Jacket.

Biker Jacket

The Military Jacket

These are form fitting and bit longer than the regular jackets. They are easily characterized as jackets with big buttons, badges and shoulder lapels. You can try the long version of the military jacket, which resembles a trench coat or opt for the shorter, cropped version.

The colours can range from deep maroon to camouflage or fatigue pattern. The military jacket is a fashion accessory which never goes out of style. Wear this jacket buttoned up with form fitting jeans and ankle or knee high boots.

Military Jacket

The Sports Jacket

Initially, this was a fashion accessory meant solely for men. But with the changing times and fashion, women have now included the sports jacket into their casual wear.

These come in various colours and patterns. So you can pick any which suits your personality the best. Pair this jacket with a sporty t-shirt and a pair of straight jeans or a pair of cargos to get the tomboyish casual look.

Sports Jacket

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The Denim Jacket

The classic denim jacket needs no introduction. We have been familiar with it since our early days of fashion. But there are still certain fashion faux pas that even the most experienced person makes.

The most common mistake is teaming up your denim jacket with a pair of jeans. It is the most horrific mistake one can make. You can make the denim jacket look chic by just wearing it over a simple cots wool dress. For a semi-formal look, wear the denim over a white tank top and nice khaki pants.

Denim Jacket

The Windcheater

This is also known as the windbreaker. This is meant to come out of your closet in the harshest of winter season. Even though it is a very heavy piece of clothing, it can still be a great fashion accessory.

Try wearing the windcheater with straight fitting jeans and a pair of boots. Keep the front unzipped and wear a cute little beanie. You can look like a diva in the coldest of the cold.