5 Colors That Make You Look Younger

5 hair colors that make you look younger

5 hair colors that make you look youngerWomen are very keenly interested in looking younger than their actual age. Apart from eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, keeping stress at bay, and drinking sufficient water, wearing appropriate colored garments can also greatly contribute in making you look younger.

Each color has a different impact on the personality and beauty of an individual. Certain colors have the power of making an aging person to look years younger.

Every color has its own personality and portrays a specific meaning. What color you wear gets the first attention by the onlookers and hence color plays an integral role in highlighting your beauty. Extreme colors go quite well with the youngsters but once you become mature and a bit older, the same color may make you look older. So be careful while trying to choose color for looking younger.

If you are in your 40s, 50s or 60s then you can effectively use the right color combination for looking younger. Some useful information on how colors can make you look younger, are given below.

5 Colors That Make You Look Younger:

Color 1: Brown

When you grow old, your skin suffers from the loss of pigments. In this situation, brown color can be helpful in enhancing your beauty. Brown color is available in a wide range. You may choose dark brown, chocolate brown, or golden brown for coloring your hair. But if you want to look younger, then you must go for a lighter hair color such as light sandy brown or medium chocolate brown. At any cost, you should avoid black or dark brown hair color.

Color 2: Blond

For mature women, blond hair is one of the best options. This is simply because blond color has the power to add life to the skin and camouflages gray hair too. For looking younger you can also opt for a honey-blond color with gold tones. It will enhance your overall beauty and make you appear much younger. Opting for platinum blond or ash blond should be avoided because these hair colors can make you look older than your age.

Color 3: Red

Red color is an excellent choice for the younger skin. But once you become a mature lady, you should choose this color cautiously. Fiery red color should be left for the use of the youngsters and you should pick a more auburn tone for yourself. The right shade of red will help you to look much younger.

Color 4: Blue

Blue color is very soothing to the eyes. If you use the right shade of this color then it can brighten your complexion and will make you look younger than your age. So the next time you go for buying clothes, you should look for the correct blue color combination.

Color 5: Yellow Lemon

Yellow lemon color is believed to be one of the most active and the brightest color. If you are mature and still want to look younger then you can frequently wear lemon yellow color, which will remind you about liveliness, openness, freedom and cleverness. It will indicate that you are experienced yet a lively person.

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