5 Common Myths About Diets And Dieting

5 Common Myths About Diets And Dieting

5 Common Myths About Diets And DietingDiets and weight loss is one of the most commonly discussed topics! Today, everyone talks and discusses about dieting tips, ways to eat healthy, diet plans and techniques of eating healthy to stay slim and fit.  However, all that is said and discussed is not always true. There are several myths about dieting – women start believing and often follow these – thereby hampering their weight loss regime. Here are some such myths – be alert and know the actual facts.

Check The Myths

Crash Diets More Effective

Women trying to lose weight rush for crash dieting or weight loss in 2 – 3 days and sometimes even in 24 hours. This is completely a myth – you may feel lighter and look leaner but this does not mean you have lost fat from your body. In such crash diets you actually lose body fluids which make you look leaner and feel lighter. This  feeling will disappear as soon as you stop the diet – hence crash diets are certainly not effective. Such diet plans will never remove fats but will cause damage to your tissues and lean muscles.

Zero Fat In Diet

Many of us believe that to lose weight we need to follow a completely no fat diet or a diet which is extremely low in fat. The fact is that you should never cut out fats from your diet because our body needs fat for proper functioning. It needs fat for repairing of tissues, for energy and for transporting vitamins throughout the body. You need to completely remove saturated fats from your diet for a healthy living but not healthy fats.

Skipping Meals Is Good

A popular belief among dieters is that skipping meals is certainly going to burn calories more or help to boost weight loss. This is a myth absolutely since skipping meals will only result in erratic eating spells – when you skip meals you tend to eat more at the next opportunity and you end in eating the wrong stuff at the wrong time.

5 Common Myths About Diets And Dieting

To be healthy and maintain a normal weight you should have food in every 4 hours. Your body starts breaking down food evenly which helps in better absorption of essential minerals and vitamins.

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Low Carb Diet Is Effective

It is a common belief that low carb diet helps in flushing out calories quickly from the body. However, dieticians and experts believe that there is actually no relation between calories flushing and a low carb diet. A study has recently revealed that weight change is not effected by a low carb diet only. You need to combine it with workouts for your routine to be more effective.

No Late Night Food

How many times have you heard that if you are on a diet you should not eat anything after 7 pm? It is a myth that all food eaten late or after 8 pm in the evening gets stored in the form of fat since our metabolic rate reduces at that time. This is not true – a recent study has revealed even a large meal eaten quite late does not make the body store it as fat. It is not when you eat but actually what you eat that matters. If you are on a diet –  how much you eat is also important rather than the time of eating.

Now that you know about these myths try to make everyone aware of them – it is important to know the facts correctly.