5 Cool Hairstyles For 40 Plus Women

hairstyles for 40 plus womenWho says 40 year old women cannot style their hair? Of course,  you can! You can never be too old to sport a cool hairstyle. Being 40 is simply fabulous! Women who are 40 years old and above have a lot of grace and look dazzling.

If you want to sport a new hairstyle then nobody is stopping you. Forget the world when they say that 40 year old women should go on a pilgrimage. They have no idea about the innumerable hairstyles that are out there for 40 plus women.

Sporting  a new look makes you feel good about yourself and you will be able to get over the old hairstyle too. If you want to change your hairstyle then you have come to the right place. We have jotted down some of the coolest hairstyles for 40 plus women which will make you look stunning. Do take a look!

List of Cool Hairstyles For 40 Plus Women 

Stacked Bob

Women who are above 40 should go for a stacked bob. The stacked bob got famous after Michelle Obama sported it. It is a very cool hairstyle and looks very professional too. According to Michelle Obama, her hairstyle is perfect for professional women and it is really smart.

Stacked Bob

You can ask your stylist to give you the Michelle Obama look and if she does not know about it then  you can ask them to give you a layered, blunt and stacked cut. It should be long from the sides and short at the back. Your stylist can give some volume to your hair too!

Smooth Waves

Smooth waves are not just for young women. Women who are 40 plus can sport the wavy look too! Ask your stylist to give you Padma Lakshmi’s look. Padma Lakshmi sports a wavy hairstyle which gives a very beach look.

Smooth Waves

You too can go for it! This will make you look younger as well as sexier. You can ask your stylist to give you smooth waves and tell him to blow out your hair.

Shaggy Layers

This hairstyle will make you look like a mushroom but a very cute mushroom. If you want to try out something different and pretty then go for shaggy layers. This hairstyle will look good even if you do not get time to comb your hair. If you want a hairstyle which is very easy to maintain then you should definitely opt for this one.

Popped Up Shag

This is a very popular hairstyle and the celebrity who made it popular is none other than Jane Fonda. She sports this modern shag which has a popped up look. We somehow love the way she carries it. It is chic as well as sophisticated.

Popped Up Shag

If you are 40 plus then this is the look you should go for. You would need to ask your stylist to give your hair choppy layers. He/she would need to chop the layers both in the front as well as back. We certainly love this foxy look!

A-line Bob

If you want to trim off lots of years then go for an A-line bob. A-line bob will make you look happening as well as young. You can ask your stylist to give you an A-line bob with bangs. Make sure that the bangs are side-swept. This hairstyle is very neat and will make you look really young. If you want to grab everyone’s attention then this is the hairstyle you should go for.

40 is hot and so, you can look hotter by sporting one of the hairstyles mentioned above. Changing your look will make you feel great too! So, forget what the world says and get a brand new hairstyle. Since you are changing your hairstyle, you might as well change your entire look. Buy some new clothes and surprise your man! Stay beautiful and have fun!