5 Cute Medium Length Haircuts 2013

Medium length haircuts are really practical haircuts. Neither do they fall too long nor do they hang too short. It gives you the positives of long hair when you want to and on other occasions you may choose to simply tie them away.

Medium length haircuts are popular amongst mid-aged women specially. There are some really cute medium length haircuts that have formed a good trend in 2013. The best part about medium length haircuts is that they are extremely easy to maintain and even easier to style. So here are the 5 cute medium length haircuts for 2013.

Haircuts For Medium Length 

Long Bob With Bangs 

The varieties of styling options that one can get with medium length hair are huge. Long bob is very much a practical haircut; it just about touches the collar bone. And if you add just a bang to it, it can be one of the cutest medium length haircuts ever.

Long Bob With Bangs

Ideal for people with one length straight hair, long bob with bangs can be styled using a number of accessories like side clips, bobby pins, hair bands and studded clips to name a few. You can either add baby short bangs or long side swept bangs to it. The length is perfect to even render you the cute ponytail look.

Sleek Angled Bob 

This haircut is good for people wanting to slim down their face. You just need to add an angle to the classic bob and keep the length right up to your shoulders.

Sleek Bob Hairstyle

The choppy ends make for a neat look and you may or may not decide to go in for a bang. Make sure you use some serum and leave-in conditioner to get the desired sleek look. Hair bands look cute with this haircut.

Tapered Layers 

You first need to get your hair in one length right up to your shoulders. Then ask your stylist to taper and simply cut the layers that frame your face starting somewhere from your cheek bone and going up to your chin.

Tapered Layers

The results are the cute, soft, swingy layers highlighting your features. When you decide to tie your hair up, these layers would flatter your face beautifully.

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Collarbone-Length Layers 

Medium length haircuts really are most versatile kinds. You can get the layered look in a chic manner by opting for collarbone-length layers. This frames the face just about perfectly.

Collarbone-Length Layers

The multiple layers make the face appear rounder and softer. This cut can flatter any face type. But it should be left open or be pinned using side clips to make for a great look.

Side-Swept Bangs With Partial Curls 

If you have natural curls, this haircut is ideal for you. People with curly hair are always worried about how to style their hair so as to make them look neater. Well, you just need to add a side-swept bang to your hair and you are done. Tame your front bang section using a flat iron and straighten out the crown area too and you are ready to rock any party, hangout or outing. The best part is you may just leave it all open or decide to pin up just one side or anything you wish to and still look cute.