5 Different Bob Haircut Styles

Bob hairstyles never go out of sheen. They are the favorites of not just the young but old too. The variety and the versatility which we see in a bob haircut are not seen in any other haircut or style. You can never get bored of your short hair with so many twists and variations of bob hairstyle to try on from time to time. Even celebrities seem to be obsessed with this wonderful bob hairstyle and are spotted flaunting some interesting variations at the gala events.

With time a classic bob haircut has seen tremendous changes in terms of style and cut. The modern bob hairstyles are blended with curls, waves, bangs, angles, volume etc. to suit the face shape and hair texture of women. Here we bring to you some of the different bob haircut styles for you to try when you decide to change your current hairstyle.

Stylish Bob Haircut Styles

Classic Bob

Classic bob haircut is a basic and traditional bob hairstyle. It suits almost all from young kids to women over 50. Create a one-length bob with length up to your jaw line and add bangs to your look.

classic bob

Blunt bangs look gorgeous with this hairstyle. Older women can take center part and leave fringes at the front to cover forehead which actually gives them a younger look.

Inverted Bob

Inverted bob is known by many names like graduated bob, A-line bob etc. Many celebrities like Keira Knightley have made this inverted bob their signature style.

inverted bob

The inverted bob hairstyle features graduated layers that are longest in the front and reduce towards the back. It is one of the perfect hairstyles for square faced women. Because the graduated layers smooth out the jaw line and give an illusion of length.

Long Bob

The long bob or the”lob” haircut style is one of the hottest trends these days. The length of the hair in this hairstyle is longer than the usual bob and ends at a length between chin and collarbone.

long bob

The sleek and straight hair with face grazing bangs looks elegant. Bring some uniqueness to your bob by giving a slight angle to the hair. Curls, layers and waves also go very well with a lob haircut.

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Curly Bob

Enhance the beauty of your natural curls with a bob hairstyle. You are sure to draw attention with this lovely curly bob hairstyle with side swept bangs. Create a side part and blow dry just your bangs straight for a stunning look.

curly bob

If you have loose curls then experiment your curls into waves. Even straight haired girls who are bored of their monotonous hair can try curly bob for an interesting look.

Bob With Long Side Swept Bangs

Create a stunning bob hairstyle with long side swept bangs. This haircut suits the straight hair best. Take a deep side part, let the bangs start from top of the head so that the long side swept bangs create an angular effect covering your forehead and an eye almost.

Bob With Long Side Swept Bangs

This sleek and sexy version of bob is a must try of straight haired girls. The side swept bangs with some rumpled waves create a celebrity-like look.