5 Dresses To Wear With Leggings

Leggings have become a ‘must have’ fashion accessories for any fashionista woman from the past few years. They possess the elegance of tights and cosiness of a pair of comfortable jeans and fortunately that can even be paired with feminine outfits and can offer you a great fashionable look.

Leggings come in an array of different length, fabric, colour and style and from teens to aged women everyone can opt for leggings if anyone knows how to carry it perfectly. They serve you in many ways apart from just being looking fashionable for they can provide you adequate warmth in windy or cold atmosphere, can hide the structural flaws of your legs and even can add an instant glamour to your dull and boring outfit and turn it into a super-stylist and trendy one.

However, leggings can be a fashion disaster if you can’t team up them right way and that fear often keeps some women off to try leggings. Hence to clear out all the confusions, in this article we are presenting some of the best options of dresses which can surly be paired with leggings and give you an instant cool chic look, just read below:

Dresses To Wear With Leggings


One of the cool ways to carry leggings could be done by pairing them with skirts belong to right length and they need to be form fitted. You can choose a skirt over the knee length, mid-thigh length or below the knee. An over knee skirt paired with boots is a quite trendy and pop combination.


Skin-fitting skirts also go well with leggings. But you need to skip long, mini, pleated or baggy skirt with leggings to avoid a fashion disaster. Make sure the colour of the skirt and leggings should not be matched; if you are wearing a pattern skirt go for a plan leggings and vice-versa.

Tunic Tops

Another great way to flaunt your legging could be pairing with long tops as tunic which is very much in fashion now days. To bring out the best you can opt for a mid thigh tunic top.

Tunic Tops

It is also a good idea for short women to look taller if they go for one coloured tunic top and leggings. As because they come in wide range of fabrics and materials as cotton, silk, polyester etc. you can wear them throughout the year pairing with leggings to create new style statements.

Mini Dresses

If you are not endowed with slim –trim and toned legs then don’t worry because even then you can opt for leggings by teaming up them with mini dresses. It is an excellent idea to get a slimmer look with style and versatility.

mini dresses

For corporate look you can team up a mini dress with blazer, over leggings while for casual look you can pair leggings with cardigan and boots (flat) and for a romantic night out add accessories as a clutch and decorated heels.


To get a hot chic look with leggings you can team up them with shorts or pants that are form fitting and hits to the mid thigh or above the knee.


You can even pair leggings along with your gym-wears as with athletic shorts when you don’t want to show off your bare legs. But make sure not to wear them with extreme shorts or long pants or capris etc.


long sweaters

If you want little warmth with fashion then pair your leggings with long sweater or sweater tops. It is a smart and superb stylist combination especially when your heavy and long sweater falls above the knee. You can jazz up the look by wearing a belt and a pair of boots with the sweater top.