5 Easy Strength Exercises For Women

Strength Exercises For Women

Strength Exercises For WomenStrength exercises are very important for every gender. Strength exercises for women include a number of physical workout methods which are aimed at the development of a woman’s body in a perfect way and also to ensure that the her body gets the strength it needs. The benefit of the strength training goes way beyond the development of muscles.

It includes controlling of your blood pressure and other physical health related concerns. And to count its benefit in the daily life, a perfect strength training schedule gives you the ability to perform your daily household tasks with ease. For example, strength exercises will enable you to perform typically difficult tasks of moving boxes or lifting heavy furniture with perfect comfort.

To be precise, strength training gives you independence from relying on someone else to do your work. And if you are a sports person or enthusiast, you require strength training more than anyone else.

Effective Strength Exercises for Women Are As Given Below

The strength exercises for women include exercises focussed on buttocks, thighs and stomach which are the prime areas of trouble for women. These exercises improve your muscle tone too. A few important types of strength exercises which are perfect for women have been mentioned here.

Shoulder Press

The first exercise is the shoulder press. It contributes to the development of your shoulder and wrist strength. Push ups is another type of exercise which is essential in the development of your chest and arms. This exercise is primarily focussed on the arms and chest muscles. The exercise is one of the most common strength exercise among the people, be it a man or woman.

Leg Curls

5 Easy Strength Exercises For Women

Leg curls are essential to the proper growth and development of the hamstrings and the buns. The exercise is pretty easy to perform and along with the bridge exercise, it works on hamstrings and buns to give effective results.


Squats are another exercise which contributes hugely in the proper plan for strength exercise for women. They can be performed with the weights as well as without the weights.

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Back Extensions

Back extensions are another exercise which is very crucial to the development of the lower back. It is ideal for the women.

Ball Crunches

Ball crunches are also very essential to a perfect workout plan for women when it comes strength training. However, in absence of a stability ball, normal crunches will also help.

5 Easy Strength Exercises For Women

Leg lifts and plank exercises are also included when it comes to chalking out a perfect strength training mechanism for women. These strength exercises for women, if followed regularly, will allow you to live a healthy and independent life.

The Compact Workout Plan for Women

However, if you have scarcity of time and cannot devote time to a number of exercises, you must have a work out plan which should have ball crunches, squats, bridge and push ups. This compact workout plan for women will prove to be very effective and will help them in achieving the target. But if you can spare some time, it is always recommended to perform all the exercises regularly and in the right manner.