5 Easy To Do Total Body Exercises

5 Easy To Do Total Body ExercisesWomen and men all over the world strive at being the fittest and having the best toned body. With the many different work out plans, training programs and diet plans that are available, most of them do not provide much of a positive result.

The best way for a woman or a man to stay fit and have the most energetic body is to subject to simple and easy exercises that can be done at home or at the gym as well. There are many different easy-to-do total body exercises that can be followed to have the fittest body.

Best Exercises For Total Body

Ball Squatting And Lifting Over The Head

People tend to lift heavy items and objects throughout the day, be it their groceries, buckets of water, or even your children. This enables the legs, the arms and the back to be exercised.

Ball Squatting And Lifting Over The Head

But with the help of this special workout technique, where a medicinal ball is held while squatting to the floor and getting back up lifting the ball slowly above the head. This can be done several times to help with the lower back, the arms, legs, shoulders as well as thighs.

Climb Stairs With Lifting Of Dumbbells For Biceps

Climbing the stairs is a daily routine for most people who work or have houses with a staircase. This helps in toning the thighs and legs. Combining stair climbing with carrying dumbbells would not only help your legs but also work on the arms and biceps. It also helps in cardiovascular fitness. This includes walking up the stairs while curling the dumbbells but walking down, one must not curl the same and either walk or run down.

Back Lunge With Weights

In this exercise all one would need to do is stretch one of their legs behind them and squat half way down and along with that carry weights and move their arms up and down.

Back Lunge With Weights

After completing one stretch, the leg be bought back up and the next leg should be stretched back out. Keep doing this along with the lifting of the weights. This helps in sturdy posture as well as strengthening of the lower back, the muscles in the arms and the legs. The hips also become extremely flexible after doing this exercise.

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Lateral Raises With Knee Lifting

For those who have balance issues this kind of exercise would help them tremendously. In this workout one would simply need to stand straight with weights in their hands, and lift their knees up to their hips while stretching their arms out at shoulder level to form a T.

Lateral Raises With Knee Lifting

This must be held for a few seconds before the same is repeated with the adjacent leg. This exercise tones the muscles in the shoulders and calves.

Full Body Stretching Exercise

This exercise tones down almost all the muscles in our body. It helps to lengthen and strengthen every muscle to give your entire body the fitness it needs.

Full Body Stretching Exercise

All you would need to do is get on your fours, keep yourself up with the help of your toes and lift your behind towards the ceiling and then back down to the floor, but this time the toes should be facing the floor. So it goes from a dog yoga posture to a plank like posture.

These are a few of the many different various total body exercises that would help one keep their body toned and fit. It helps with all the muscles in the body if done repeatedly on a daily basis. The muscles should be kept fit and the exercises should be done routinely to help from getting the body and the muscles turn flabby. So if you would like to keep your entire body fit, start with these easy exercises on a daily basis and watch how your body transforms!