5 Effective Natural Cures for Hives

hivesHives are a common problem suffered by almost all people at some time of life. Hives, also known as urticarial in medical terms, is an allergic reaction wherein, the patient suffers from swollen and itchy welts on the skin. Hives are the result of the cells releasing a type of chemical called histamine into the bloodstream.

Histamine causes the blood vessels to leak fluid into the deep layers of the skin and make them swell up. Although it is still not known as to what can cause an outbreak, people often notice that almost anything that can cause an allergy can also cause hives.

Hives is not a serious skin condition and will usually last for a few days or even hours. They may be small as the size of peas or as big as saucers. If you have allergies from pollen, dusts, seafood, dander etc. they may be the cause of hives. And not only these, one may also have hives due to heat, cold, sunlight, medicines, stress and viral infections. Here are a few effective remedies for treating hives at home.

Natural Cures For Hives

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the best and most effective natural remedy for treating hives. Aloe vera has been used for treating several skin conditions and is widely used for hives as well.

aloevera gel

Aloe has anti-inflammatory properties that will give you relief from the itchiness and swelling. Take a fresh aloe leaf and cut it in half. Scrap out the pulp and apply it directly on the affected area. Do this several times a day and do not wash off.

Green Tea

Another way to soothe the swelling and itchiness that is characterized by hives is to use a green tea compress. Take two to three bags of green tea and steep them in warm water for two minutes. Remove them from water and pop them in the refrigerator for half an hour. Place the cool tea bags on the affected area. After 10 to 20 minutes, remove tea bags from your face.

Mint And Sandal Wood


Mint and sandalwood oil are two very effective remedies for curing hives. Both have cooling effects on the skin and help reduce the pain. You can put some fresh mint leaves in the fridge and form some ice cubes. Apply this directly on the affected skin.

Baking Powder

Baking powder is a widely used home remedy for treating hives. Take a few teaspoons of warm water and half parts baking soda. Add a teaspoon of corn-starch and make a paste. Apply this on the swollen skin and leave for 15 minutes. If possible leave overnight. Wash in morning with cold water. Do this for 3-4 days and you will get relief from hives.

Cold Compress

Cold compress also works in relieving you from the swelling and pain. Applying a cold compress can reduce the histamine in the bloodstream and decrease the pain and swelling on the skin.

cold compress

Take a clean cotton cloth and soak it in some ice water. Squeeze out the water and apply the cloth on the affected area for a minute or two. Do this repeatedly for maximum results.

These were a few natural cures for treating hives. By using any of these home remedies, you can get relief from itching and swelling.