5 Effective Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

5 Effective Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

5 Effective Natural Treatment For PsoriasisPsoriasis is an immune mediated, chronic skin condition that causes skin irritation and redness. Individuals who suffer from this non contagious, auto-immune disease will notice the appearance of scaly red patches on their knees, genitals, ears, elbows and/ or buttocks. The severity of this skin condition, which can be triggered by dietary, environmental or genetic factors, varies from individual to individual.

An Insight into Psoriasis

Immune disorders can trigger the lifelong skin condition called psoriasis. Sometimes an individual’s immune system confuses normal skin cells for an infectious agent or pathogen. The immune system sends wrong signals which can cause rapid production of skin cells. This in turn can lead to the appearance of scaly patches on the body which are known as psoriatic plaques. Normally psoriatic plaques will have a silvery white hue.

Individuals who suffer from this skin disorder may also observe abnormal redness of the skin. The psoriatic lesions can become inflamed and painful or extremely itchy as well.

Natural Treatments for Psoriasis

There are numerous, effective natural remedies to ease the symptoms of psoriasis. From dietary restrictions to light therapy these natural treatments can bring massive relief to individuals who suffer from the embarrassing skin condition called psoriasis. Through this article we will examine in depth some of the effectual natural treatment options for psoriasis.

Light Therapy

Limited exposure to direct sunlight can bring great relief from the symptoms linked to psoriasis. Overexposure to direct sunlight can actually aggravate the symptoms of psoriasis. The itchy, scaly psoriatic lesions should be exposed to direct sunlight for ten to twenty minutes, at least thrice a week.

5 Effective Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

With time a person will notice marked changes in the size and appearance of psoriatic lesions. Individuals having this skin condition must remember to apply a good quality sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 20 on the healthy portions of skin to prevent sunburn.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub

One of the best natural treatments for psoriasis is the Dead Sea salt therapy. For centuries this natural treatment has brought immense succor to individuals having psoriasis. Dead Sea salt, which can be easily procured at health food stores or shops stocking natural herbs, should be dissolved in bath water. Bathing in this highly therapeutic water can bring great relief from this skin condition.

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Dietary Suggestions

Incorporating certain types of food into the daily diet can help assuage psoriatic symptoms. To lessen psoriatic pain, a person should eat plenty of chili peppers which contain a compound called capsaicin. Eating flax seeds and fatty fish which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids can alleviate the itchiness and redness associated with this particular skin condition.

5 Effective Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

A flavonoid called silymarin which is present in certain types of tea and psolarens which are present in Bishops weed also reduce the unpleasant symptoms of psoriasis.

Bathing Tips

To calm inflamed skin and slough off some of the scaly skin make it a point to bathe in lukewarm water. Use mild soaps while bathing as normal beauty bars can aggravate this skin problem. Lying in a bath tub filled with luke warm water, to which Epsom salt or oilated oatmeal has been added, for at least fifteen to twenty minutes is also advisable.

Keep Skin Well Moisturized

It is important to keep skin well moisturized. Dry skin can aggravate psoriatic skin condition and lead to further dryness and itchiness. It is important to apply a thick coating of heavy moisturizing cream or petroleum jelly immediately after having a bath. These emollients can reduce some of the unpleasant symptoms associated with psoriasis.