5 Effective Tips To Apply Corrective Makeup

corrective makeup

corrective makeupThere are a very few lucky individuals who are naturally blessed with perfect facial features and glowing and even skin tone. If that is the case, does it mean that one has to live with imperfections all through one’s life? The answer is an emphatic ‘No’.

Corrective makeup offers a very effective solution to hide skin imperfections such as eczema, stretch marks, bruises, acne, scars or birthmarks. It even helps you to accentuate your good features by downplaying flawed features such as very long nose, too tiny eyes, moon-round face, very thick lips etc. Knowing the tips and tricks of corrective makeup will help greatly in disguising all these imperfections and will bring out the best beauty.

What is Corrective Makeup Exactly?

Corrective makeup tips are sought after by those people who want to look perfect. There are lots of surgical methods to correct all imperfections from face and body permanently. But due to the adverse side effects and huge expenses involved many people are reluctant to go under knife.

Corrective makeup deserves added significance in this scenario and is widely considered as the best alternative towards perfect beauty. Getting acquainted with some basic tricks of corrective makeup will help you in faking the appearance of unblemished skin.

The basic idea behind corrective makeup is to soften the so called ‘imperfect’ features of your face and to highlight your well-appreciated assets. Judicious application of the right foundation and other cosmetics will help in achieving this balance.

How to Apply Corrective Makeup

As mentioned above the basic technique behind corrective makeup is to accent the good features. This is done by shadowing the ‘not so good’ features.

apply corrective makeup

Some people mistake corrective makeup for slap on some foundation to get even skin tone. But it is much more than that. If foundation and concealers are not applied correctly the result may be opposite.

Following Are Listed 5 Effective Tips to Apply Corrective Makeup

As a first step, one should be convinced about the need for corrective makeup. You should make out the imperfect elements of your face that work against achieving the perfect look.

Choosing the right foundation is the basic thing to do effective makeup. Perfect matching foundation can be selected only by analyzing your skin tone. The shade of foundation and concealer should blend well with your skin tone to avoid embarrassing situations. Buying a trial kit of corrective makeup will help you in deciding the right shade. You can even try a mix of shades, but be extra cautious to get the correct matching color.

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Always use a concealer or camouflage brush while applying makeup. This will help in spreading cream evenly giving good coverage.

Stick to two base concealers: a neutralizing concealer to hide the flaw; and a skin tone concealer on top of it. Apply the second concealer only after the first layer gets settled in properly.

Give the finishing touch by applying powder foundation that blends well with your skin tone. While applying powder, ensure that you do not put too much pressure to unsettle the base concealer.

Corrective makeup should be applied depending on one’s facial structure and shape. The ideal shape of face is oval, and hence all makeup techniques should work towards creating an illusion of oval shape. Highlighting or shadowing different features and face contouring helps in achieving this goal.

Lighter shade of foundation is used to highlight features, whereas dark color foundation down tones imperfect features. For instance, by applying darker foundation on the sides of the face, a rounded face can be offered slenderized appearance.

Go ahead and flaunt a perfect face by accenting best features and downplaying unflattering features by way of corrective makeup techniques.