5 Effective Tips To Prevent Skin Moles

Skin Moles

Skin MolesA skin mole is a pigmented oval or round shaped spot on the skin. Although skin moles are not present at birth, every individual will develop these discolored spots as he or she approaches puberty. However, the number of moles an individual is likely to have in his or her life time is entirely influenced by his or her unique genetic disposition as well as the duration of time an individual spends outdoors.

Skin moles which are a kind of skin lesion are mostly benign in nature. However, there have been instances when an innocuous looking skin mole has turned out to be a pre-cancerous growth.

Skin moles should not be confused with freckles. Unlike freckles, skin moles have a distinct shape and come in an assortment of colors. Skin moles vary in color from black to light brown, pink or dark brown hues.

Over fifty percent of all skin moles are flat, regular shaped skin lesions. However, a small percentage of skin moles have a raised appearance. Skin moles may appear on the skin as a single mole or a cluster of moles. Most skin moles fade away as an individual approaches middle age.

Tips To Prevent Skin Moles

As mentioned earlier, genetic disposition and extreme sun exposure are the two main factors responsible for formation of skin moles. While we cannot control our unique genetic makeup, we can take some protective measures when we step outdoors, to control skin mole formation. Through this article we will examine some effective techniques to prevent skin moles.

Regulate Sun Exposure

Excessive sun exposure can lead to skin mole formation. Individuals who spend too much time under direct sunlight have a higher risk of developing skin moles. Ideally, avoid sun exposure between eleven in the morning and four in the evening to reduce the occurrence of skin moles.

Avoid Excessive Tanning

Tanning skin

Some people have an obsession with getting that perfectly tanned skin. Extreme exposure to the harsh ultra violet A and ultra violet B rays of the sun can increase the risk of cancerous skin moles manifold. Incidentally investigative studies have also shown that people who spend too much time in tanning booths have an extremely high risk for developing skin moles.

Use Sunscreen

Every time you step outdoors, apply a good brand of sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 45. Sunscreen provides an effective and instant protection against the harsh rays of the sun. For people living in temperate climes, sunscreen with an SPF or 15 of more is ideal.

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Wear Protective Clothes

If you have a job which entails spending long hours under direct sunlight, try to minimize sun exposure by wearing lightweight clothes which covers most of your body. Wearing multiple layers of light weight clothes is the best option to reduce the harmful sun rays penetrating the skinWear wide brimmed hats every time you step outdoors.

Go In For Specific Medical Tests

Individuals who have severe thyroid problem and women who are suffering from hormonal imbalance are at a higher risk to develop skin moles. Get a thyroid profile and /or hormonal test done to rectify these underlying medical problems. This in turn can reduce mole formation on skin.