5 Effective Types Of Marriage Counseling

5 Effective Types Of Marriage Counseling

5 Effective Types Of Marriage CounselingMarriage counseling is an effective way to ease disagreements or conflicts which exist between married couples. Marriage counseling goes by many different names including family therapy and couples counseling. Marriage counseling helps couples to cope with stress, effectively communicate with each other and be assertive without being abusive or insulting.

An Insight into Marriage Counseling

Couples enter the institution called marriage with a lot of shared hopes and dreams. Along the way, some alterations may arise in their shared aspirations or ambitions in life. This may trigger minor disagreements. If these minor divergences are not sorted out early on, it can lead to bigger and more complicated problems.

These problems may lead to constant stress and conflict between the married couple. The culmination to these festering problems is unfortunately divorce. But what if couples are able to sort out their differences in a rational manner with the help of a marriage counselor and give their marriage a second chance?

Marriage counseling not only helps struggling couples understand each other better, but a good marriage counselor can also help to strengthen the bond which exist between the couple as well. Most couples approach a couple’s counselor as a last resort before their marriage crumbles irrevocably. However, it is advisable to contact a marriage counselor when you begin to observe the first signs of stress or conflict in your relationship.

Types of Marriage Counseling

Depending on the type and intensity of conflict which exists in a marriage, a couple’s counselor may advice a married couple to go in for individual counseling, couples counseling or group counseling. The different types of marriage counseling and how it can benefit a troubled marriage have been described in this article.

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Today many couples are going in for pre-marriage counseling before they decide to tie the knot. Pre- marriage counseling is a wonderful way to ascertain each others objectives regarding money management, career and even children.

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The main purpose of pre-marriage counseling is to help determine how compatible you are with your future spouse. It is advisable to resolve major lifestyle or other conflicts before marriage, so it is worthwhile to visit a pre-marriage counselor before taking the plunge.

Couples Counseling

The main aim of couples counseling is to encourage the partners to engage is constructive and not destructive communication with each other. Couples counseling offers a confidential and safe way for couples to discuss the trials and tribulations they may be experiencing in their marriage with a certified marriage therapist. The therapist will encourage the couple to talk with each other in a structured manner without being acrimonious.

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Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is advisable if one of the spouses is extremely aggressive or abusive. In this case, the counselor may recommend a one on one counseling session with the aggressive partner or spouse.

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The counselor can use the one to one counseling session to determine the reason or reasons behind the individual’s aggressive or irrational behavior.

Family Counseling

To understand the family dynamics better, a counselor may recommend family counseling. In family counseling not only the married couple, but even the children are invited to air their grievances to help sort out the deep differences which exist in the family. Family counseling is advised when there is a lot of conflict in the household.

Group Counseling

Group counseling involves counseling not just one, but many couples at the same time. A counselor may invite several couples who are experiencing the same problems in their respective marriages to come together and sort out their individual  marital problems.