5 Effective Ways To Lose Weight In Your Hips

If you have the habit of consuming more calories than you expend in your daily activities, then you are more likely to store the excess calories as fat. Women usually gain weight in the belly, hips and the thighs.

Once you gain extra weight in these areas, it will be a hard task for you to shed off the weight from these specific parts of the body. Many women are concerned about losing the excess weight deposited in their hips.

A single tip cannot help you to lose weight in your hips fast. You will need to combine a balanced diet with exercises such as cardio and strength training to get the desired result.

Discussed below are some effective ways to lose weight in your hips. You can adopt these techniques of losing weight and get toned and slim hips.

5 Effective Ways To Lose Weight in Your Hips:

1) Reduce Your Intake of Fat and Sugar

An effective way to lose weight in your hips is to limit the daily intake of sugary foods/beverages and fatty foods. You should be careful while purchasing any food item from the stores. You should check their labels to find if they are high in sugar, saturated fat or trans fat.

2) Consume a Healthy Diet

Another effective way to lose weight in your hips is to eat a healthy diet. According to the experts, a healthy diet is one that constitutes vegetables, whole grains, fruits, eggs, fish, nuts, fat-free dairy products, lean meats and beans. Therefore, if you are missing out any of the foods that have been mentioned here, then you should try to include them in your daily diet.

3) Reduce Your Calories Intake

Cutting your daily calories intake by 500 to 1000 each day is another effective way to lose weight in your hips. For losing weight in the hips, it is essential to shed off weight from the entire body.

Before consuming any food item, you should try to determine the number of calories they contain. You must try to find out low-calories substitutes for very high-calories food stuffs. For example, in place of a candy bar, you can consume a low-fat yogurt.

4) Perform Abdominal Exercises

Carrying out abdominal workouts regularly is an excellent way to lose weight in your hips. You can perform exercises such as sit-ups, and crunches to lose weight in your hips.

If you want to lose weight at a faster rate, then you should consider doing these exercises on a stability ball or a decline bench. Other effective abdominal exercises that can be done to lose weight from the hips include scissor kicks, leg lifts, bicycle kicks, planks and side planks.

5) Practice Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular exercise is one of the most effective ways of losing weight. You can burn greater number of calories by doing high intensity cardio exercises like running, kickboxing, indoor group cycling, etc.

In order to lose weight in your hips, you should choose to do those exercises that target the hips. Running at least thrice a week can immensely help you in losing weight from your hips and toning them.