5 Elegant Updo Wedding Hairstyles

A woman’s wedding day is the most important day of her life. On this special day, she wants to look every inch of a perfect bride for herself and the hundreds of guests to attend the wedding and eagerly wait to catch the first look of the bride.

Sporting an elegant up-do ensures that your hair looks fashionable and neatly done at the same time. One can sport a classic up do or style it, twist it, braid it to achieve the best suited hairstyle. Here’s a list of 5 elegant up-dos hairstyles for the bride keep to on her wedding day.

Elegant Updo Wedding Hairstyles

The Classic Up-do

An extremely graceful and pretty style, the classic up-do is characterized by wispy bangs lightly placed on your forehead, or side swept bangs with a side parting and an elegant bun to go with it.

The Classic Updo

Comb your hair neatly, blow dry it and make it into a loose ponytail, and then swirl it to make it a bun. The ponytail can also be curled into little ringlets, to get beautiful curls in the bun. Hold the up-do firmly with bobby pins and then add accessories as desired.

The Boho Up-do

The Boho up-do is actually the messy carefree up-do for brides who don’t like to feel constrained and still want a bridal but different look on their wedding day.

 The Boho Updo

This look works best for those who have thick and wavy hair as this adds volume to the messy up-do. This up-do is characterized by a slightly messy bun secured firmly with bobby pins to hold it in place and loose ringlets and wispy side bangs falling around the face to accentuate the Boho chic vibe.

The Top Knot

The top knot works best for brides who wish to carry a long veil, thus providing the necessary support to do so. This look is very trendy and yet looks formal and beautiful according to the occasion. The top knot is characterized by a high and neat bun placed right on top of the head, secured firmly with bobby pins. Usually, the hair is backcombed and all bangs are pinned up to achieve a sophisticated look. One can, however keep straight thick bangs covering the entire forehead with the topknot. The look can be completed by adding a pretty bridal hair band.

The Side Bun

The Side bun is extremely fashionable and different from the traditional bridal up-do. It is for people who wish to be casual yet creative at the same time. The side bun is formed by placing your bun to one side of your head.

The Side Bun

One can also braid the hair loosely on the other side, such that it acts like a trail to the bun or place curls around the bun to enhance the look. Hair combs and flowers when added can make the look all the more beautiful.

The Braided Bun

The braided bun is the most popular hairstyle in brides today, and this look can be innovated in several ways. Curl the ends of your hair with a curler and make a tight braid after doing so.

Braided Bun for bride

This braid can be swirled at the back of your head to get a beautiful braided bun. One can further innovate by varied placements of the braid and by adding varied hair accessories as well.