5 Enchanting Wedding Hairstyles For The Bride

bridal hairstylesLooks like the wedding bells are ringing for you! Your wedding day is close and you have such less time to do everything. If you have shopped for the wedding dress then 70% of your job is done.

What about the remaining 30%? It is very important for you to choose the right accessories and hairstyle which suits your wedding dress. Speaking of hairstyle, if you have not decided the hairstyle then you might want to do that right now. Since you already have too much to worry about, we will help you out in every way we can.

A hairstyle can actually make or break your look. If you think that sporting a messy hairstyle on your wedding day will be a lovely idea then we have nothing to say. It is a big day for you and all the eyes will be on you.

It does not matter how the groom styles his hair or what he wears but it is important for the bride to look her best. So, we have listed 5 enchanting wedding hairstyles for the bride which will help you choose the best. Take a look!

Wedding Hairstyles For The Bride 

Sleek And Straight

If you want to keep it simple then this is the best look. You would need a flat iron or a stylist to get this hairstyle. If you are using a flat iron then make sure that yours is completely sleek and straight. There will be no waves and no bumps.

Sleek And Straight hairstyle

Just keeping your hair straight and simple will make you look gorgeous. This hairstyle is simple but it looks very charming. It will also make your hair look longer! This hairstyle is best for brides who do not want too much of fuss.

Sleek Updo 

We are talking about enchanting wedding hairstyles. Enchanting basically means charming or something which is very attractive. What can be more attractive than a sleek up do? This hairstyle is very neat and looks best on formal occasions.

We find it sexy and attractive!  All you need to do is part your hair to the sides and pull up the rest of your hair into a French twist or a sleek bun. This hairstyle is best for those who want to flaunt their dress and upper body. It will make you look stunning!


Neat curls always look great. If you want to go for the curls then it is advisable that you take the help of a stylist. A stylist will be able to give you neat and sexy curls. If you want to feel like a princess on your big day then this is the hairstyle you should go for.

curl hairstyle

Do not go for wild curls because they do not look sophisticated or enchanting. You can gather your curls on top of the head and wear a nice headband or a tiara for completing the look.

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Romantic Waves

We have not invented this name! Romantic waves are basically soft waves on your hair which give a very romantic look. Your hairstylist will be able to guide you well when it comes to romantic waves.

Make sure that you choose the right veil with it. This hairstyle looks great with a strapless mermaid wedding dress. Since your wedding is a romantic affair, just try it!

Fishtail Braid 

We simply love the way a fishtail braid looks! It is attractive and it truly defines the word, ‘enchanting’. You can get this braid which looks like an attractive fishtail. It is perfect for your wedding! You can take help from an expert. You can make it yourself as well but do not do much of hard work on your wedding day.

fishtail hairstyle

Now that you are aware of all the attractive hairstyles for a bride, you might as well start trying all these hairstyles before your wedding day. Choose the best one! Go for something which looks best with your wedding dress.

Your most special day is just round the corner and so, make sure you look gorgeous. Don’t forget to smile lots because that will make you look stunning. Have a happy wedding, princess!