5 Essential Cat Eye Makeup Tips

cat eye makeupEye makeup has been the most interesting makeup for all of us. We definitely prefer to enhance our eyes in any kind of look. Cat eye makeup can give you a look which you can wear at day time as well as in the evening or night time suiting your mood.

You can carry it in a sophisticated professional party and also in a regular weekend one. It depends upon you, the way you carry it. It is the most stylish eye makeup till date. A few of us like to flaunt it and a few do not. I have met ladies who are crazy about this eye makeup and wear it on every day to day occasion with just the required customization and knowledgeable techniques.

Cat eye makeup can be perfectly worn at home by knowing few valuable tips. These tricks can guide a beginner as well as a veteran. Any kind of eye makeup requires a lot of patience and perseverance. I am going to recommend you the 5 most essential tricks regarding cat eye makeup. Here we go with the first one:-

Essential Cat Eye Makeup Tips


I feel that most of us are very comfortable using the pencil eye liner as it is very easy to apply. We feel like drawing on the canvas by using a pencil.


But, in cat eye makeup you are ought to use liquid eye liner or gel eye liner. I prefer the liquid one as it gives the real dramatic look. Always try to choose the regular black or dark brown liquid eye liner.

Wing Touch

Generally we apply our eye liner till the end of our upper lash line where our eye lashes end but, here we need to flick out the eye liner upwards at approximately 45degrees towards the eye bone. Make sure that both the eyes have the same angle and length of the wing.

Wing Touch

Also give a thick look in the middle of the upper lash line and gradually make it thinner as you move out towards the wing and the inner side. This is a must for the authentic cat eye look. However, for a normal look you can maintain the consistent thin line from the inner corner to the wing part but for a dramatic look keep it thik in the outer eye part ie. the wing part.

You can also extend the lower lash line with the help of your liner and make both the upper and the lower extended line touch each other to give a triangle touch encompassing the eyes. Fill the triangular space with the liner. This gives a very discrete cat eye look. You can try out.

How and When

You can carry a cat eye makeup in the evening as well as in day time. However, the way of wearing the cat makeup varies for both the looks. At day time your makeup should be light and sober. You should stick to the upper eye lash wing only. Do not extend the lower eye lash line. This will give a lighter look. Whereas for the night regime you can go for the triangular wing twist by extending both the upper and lower eye lash lines accompanied by shimmery and dark shadows.

Curled Eye Lashes

Curled Eye Lashes for cat eye

Cat eye makeup gives you the ultimate look when worn with long and curled eye lashes. If you do not have curled eyelashes, you can use eye lash curler as well. False eye lashes are also readily available in the market. You can get hold of them too. You have to apply mascara on the eyelashes for the final finishing touch.

Different Art for Different Eye Shapes

Different shapes of eyes require different techniques for eye makeup. In cat eye makeup it is very essential to customize your eyeliner according to your eyes. First of all you need to realize our eye shape and size. You need to decide whether our eyes are closely placed or distantly. If you feel that your eyes are wide spaced then always use dark shades for shadow and apply the liner from the inner most corner of your eye.

cat eyes makeup

If you feel that your eyes are closely set then you should apply the eyeliner only on the outer corner of your eyes. Try to be as thin as possible towards the inner corners. A special tip from my side to all the ladies having small eyes is that you can apply liner on the inner lash line (upper and lower water lines) for giving your eyes a bigger highlighted look. Indian ladies generally have almond shaped eyes. Thus, you should do the lining on the upper lash line and on the lower water line only.
Above are the most important tips which I follow in my cat eye makeup regime. Hope these help you too. Be beautiful!