5 Excellent Home Remedies For Diarrhea in Children


DiarrheaDoesn’t it break your heart when you see your child suffering from any sort of illness? Kids look good when they are running around, playing, laughing and beaming with joy. When children face illnesses like diarrhea, they become sad and troubled.

It is then when you feel like doing everything in this world to bring your child’s smile back. Diarrhea is a bad condition when small children aged below 11 suffer from loose stools. It may not sound like such a big illness but whoever faces it has to suffer from the troublesome symptoms such as dehydration and too many rounds of the toilet.

How about trying some effective home remedies for diarrhea? Doctors are not the only solution as they would give some medicines and their job is done. Natural home remedies work well and they do not require much time too.

Antibiotics may or may not work but home remedies always do. So, take a look at the 5 excellent home remedies for diarrhea in children and be prepared the next time your little angel falls sick.

List of Home Remedies For Diarrhea In Children 

Carrot Juice Or Soup

Since we are talking about small children, it is good to start with a liquid diet with lots of carrot juice. In conditions like Diarrhea, the stool becomes too watery which may make the child irritable.

Carrot Juice

In order to make the stool a little less watery, one should have carrot juice. Also, it helps to combat conditions like dehydration and replenishes the body of your child. Giving your child bitter medicine will not help. Try and give them some yummy carrot juice as it helps in improving the condition.

Try Apple Sauce 

We all know about the famous saying about apples. You should feed apple sauce to your child and not raw apples to get quick results. Believe it or not – apple sauce does help in curing diarrhea. It has pectin which helps in stabilizing the food. Since the volume of  stool is very less in diarrhea, pectin helps in increasing the volume of stool.



Ginger is easily available in any household. Since the taste is really strong, your little kid may not like it much.You can make ginger tea which is sweetened as that tastes better. Give it twice or thrice a day to your child and you will see improvements in no time.

Go Bananas

Every child loves bananas and it is not just yummy, it has various benefits too. If your child is suffering from diarrhea, then you can give him/her lots of bananas to eat.

Go Bananas

The content of potassium is really high in bananas and helps in firming bowel movements.


You will not believe this but having a toast can help in curing diarrhea. Make sure you serve it without any butter because that will not help. A toast would help in making the stool less watery. Children will happily a toast and so, you should give it when they have diarrhea.

Don’t worry too much as your child will get well really soon with these easy remedies. If your child is not too fond of medicines, try the above mentioned home remedies as they work wonders.

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