5 Exciting Formal Hairstyles For Short Hair

5 Exciting Formal Hairstyles For Short Hair

5 Exciting Formal Hairstyles For Short HairSassy and sexy short women’s hairstyles are declared to be not versatile enough to sport formal looks. Well, nothing can possibly be further from the truth than this supposition. Hairstyling agents and a whole lot of imagination is all it takes to style short hair for a formal event. From vintage chic to rakish futuristic styles, there are plenty of definitive formal styles for short hair.

An Insight into Short Hairstyles

The modern day woman prefers to wear her hair short. The reason for this particular preference has been attributed to the multiple tasks a woman has to accomplish over the course of the day. Time has become a thing of luxury, and today’s women are unable to juggle career and home without making some intelligent compromises.

Even a century back long luxurious hair was considered the hallmark of a woman’s beauty. Today, women who sport short hairstyle trends are considered to be hot and sexy. Short women’s hairstyles became popular sometime in the 1950’s. Hollywood sirens like Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn can be credited with popularizing short hair style trends.

Today, women’s short hairstyles have come into their own. From a gamine pixie cut to a sultry short bob, there are numerous short hairstyles which women can wear with aplomb for formal and informal events.

Exciting Short Hairstyle Looks

It’s pretty easy to style short hair for a formal event. To get ideas on how to style your short hair you can flip through fashions magazines or approach your hair stylist. The best thing about short formal hairstyles is the fact that you can stylize it yourself, without having to bleed your pockets dry in some high end hair salon. Some proactive short hairstyles for formal occasions have been revealed in this article.

Vintage Inspired Curls

Vintage inspired curls for short hair are currently the rage among the female brigade of Hollywood celebrities. This soft, uber-feminine hair style is sure to turn heads at any formal occasion. From a wedding to an office party, this stunning look can be worn with elan. Film star Katherine Heigl has sported this look for numerous formal functions hosted by the Hollywood jet set.

5 Exciting Formal Hairstyles For Short Hair

To create this look, first you have to apply smoothing hair cream to towel dried hair. Next, use a curling iron to create loose curls. Finger comb the hair and use a hair spray to keep hair in place. You can wear this look with a deep off center parting.

Curly Side Bun

Wipe out that stunned look from your face because you can actually stylize short hair to make a stylish side bun. A little bit of artistry can make your short hair appear longer than it actually is. The curly side bun is perfect for women who have asymmetrically cut short hair – hair that is left slightly longer on one side than the other.

To get this look first apply sculpting mousse. Now use a round brush and blow dry your hair. Remember to keep the blow drier’s heat at medium mark. Now curl the longer ends of hair with a curling iron. Finger comb the hair to break up the curls. Pull the hair to one side of your head and hold it in place with bobby pins. Allow the end section of your curls to remain free. To keep hair in place, apply some hair spray.

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The Audacious Up Swept Look

Now you can create the illusion of a sophisticated up do with this particular look. This look is created by pinning in place the shorter strands of hair while piling the longer sections of hair on the back of the head. You can finish the look by allowing some loose strands of hair to frame your face.

5 Exciting Formal Hairstyles For Short Hair

To get this chic look, you should partially blow dry wet hair. Next use a flat iron to straighten out the hair. While flat ironing hair remember to keep the heat at a medium or low mark to add enough volume to hair. Next pile the longer sections of hair at the back of the head and pin it in place. Remember to keep the ends of the pinned hair loose. Finally allow some loose strands of hair of hair to frame your face.

The Simple Pixie Look

This is the perfect hairstyle for any formal party or event. You can get this look in no time and that is probably the reason why so many women are sporting this hairstyle for an office party or a wedding. To get this fun look blow dry wet hair and sweep it to one side of the head. Pinch small sections of hair to create a simple fringe. Keep the hair in place with some strong hold hair spray.

The Sleek Swept Back Look

Amp up the style quotient and look like a femme fatale, with this gorgeous formal hairstyle created for women with short hair. You can get this look by applying some strong hold mousse into wet hair. Now use a narrow toothed comb and rake back the hair. You can get a sleek vintage look in a matter of minutes.