5 Exclusive Hairstyles For Updos

Hair updos are the best way of looking glamorous without having to worry about how you would look hours later. Updos help in arranging our hair into a stylish bun rather than letting them fall freely. They are classy and sexy.

There is a lot you could do with an updo. It is not only considered hot on red carpet but is a runaway hit everywhere else too. There is something really unique about hair updos that makes them a favourite amongst women of all age brackets. Try these 5 exclusive hairstyles for updos and add that appeal to your look.

Attractive Hairstyles For Updos

Headband Updo 

Centre part your hair and use an elastic headband around the crown area. Your headband must start an inch from the front and should come up to your crown.

headband updos

Now twist your hair in and around the headband. Twist and put your hair under the band. Once you are done on both sides, twist and put inside the centre hair as well. Use a pin to secure it. And you are done. This style renders a very subtle and soft look.

The Chic Updo 

Part your hair loosely from above your ear to crown. Now hold it at your nape and pin it up using a bobby pin as you do when you half clip your hair.

chic updo

Take the rest of the hair, pull them together and start rolling outwards. Keep rolling them until you reach the section you pinned before. Pin the roll a little above the first section and you are done. This updo is really quick to sport and ideal for office goers.

The Top Knot 

braided top knot

If you have really long hair, this one is for you. Tie a very high pony on top of your head. Use a band to secure your pony tight in its place. Now roll the hair together and start rolling a roll around the band. Keep doing it until you roll the entire pony around your band. Secure the end using a bobby pin.

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The Tuck Updo 

This one is probably the easiest look after a ponytail. Make a ponytail, high, low, medium or whatever you like. Now loosen your band as if you were you take off the band and bring it an inch lower. Create a wide gap between the pony and scalp using your fingers.

tuck updo

Now start rolling your pony and roll it really tight. Make the roll pass through the gap you created between pony and scalp. Take the end from below again after passing through gap and secure using pins. It literally takes no time to achieve this chic updo.

The Braided Updo 

Divide your hair and use a thin band to tie and secure each section into a pony right at the back. Braid both sections into traditional braids.

braided updo

Add some texture to each braid by flattening them in between using your fingers. Now make both the braids cross one another at the back and tie a knot. Pin the ends around the band you used to secure pony first. Use pins wherever you require and voila! Your braided updo is ready in no time.