5 Foods That Are Good For Skin

best foods for skin

There are many times when you buy the latest skin-care product in the market, only to realize that it is filled with chemicals and is harming your skin more than doing any good to it. So instead of spending your money on these skin products start spending it on the food that you put on your plate.

Our body reflects what we eat. The way we lose or put on weight according to the diet we stick to, same is the case with our skin. If you keep indulging in junk food, your skin will lose its glow and elasticity even before you hit 30.  But if you eat healthy, the wrinkles and crow’s feet will keep at bay even when you are 50 years old. Here is a list of 5 essential foods that are good for your skin.

5 Foods That Are Good For Skin

Green Vegetables

We all know how much we hated having vegetables when we were young. But there is no denying that green vegetables like broccoli and spinach are good sources of Vitamin A.

best foods for skin

Vitamin A keeps the dryness of the skin at bay. It also prevents acne and repairs broken skin. Mix it up with some tomatoes and papaya, which help keep your skin smooth. Green vegetables are also good Antioxidants, which keeps your skin safe from diseases.

Tuna and Turkey

One is a fish and the other a bird. Yet they both have the same benefits on your skin. Tuna is rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids which keep your skin away from diseases like psoriasis.

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Turkey and tuna both provide a rich intake of iron and zinc in the body, which produces hemoglobin and improves blood circulation in the body. This helps to impart glowing colour to your skin.

Whole-wheat bread

Whole-wheat bread is loaded with Selenium and Rutin which helps the skin maintain its elasticity.

foods for skin

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It also moisturizes the skin from the inside. This prevents the signs of early aging and keeps wrinkles away.

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Dairy Products

This is inclusive of cheese, butter and milk. This food stuff is fattening in nature, but the skin does require a certain amount of fat to maintain its smoothness and tautness.

foods for good skin

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If you fear that it will add some inches to your waist, then you can also opt for the low fat version of the dairy products. These low fat versions have the necessary quantity of fat needed for the skin. Replace regular milk with Soy Milk.


These are essentially citrus fruits like strawberries, oranges and blueberries which are rich in Vitamin C and are a good source of antioxidants. The citrus fruits help produce collagen in the skin which maintains the elasticity and prevents it from premature sagging.

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It also protects the skin from the inflammation and damage caused from the harmful rays of the sun.

Also remember to have proper intake of 8-10 glasses of water. Water keep the skin hydrated and prevents it from drying. Include these essential food commodities in your regular diet and say hello to beautiful, glowing skin.