5 Glamorous Very Short Crop Hairstyles

Are you thinking of getting a very short crop hairstyle for yourself? Well, it’s a big step you are taking as it can be a bit tricky to get the right style that will suit your face. And yes, very short crop need not mean just a simple boy cut. There are many stylish hairstyles that you can choose from.

A very short hair crop that doesn’t suit your face will emphasize your facial features and may make you look plumper than you actually are. So, choose a hairstyle after much consideration and after consultation with your friends, family and the hairstylist. Have a look at some of the hairstyles for very short crops.

Very Short Crop Hairstyles For Girls

Foxie Pixie Hairstyle

Very short crops can also look feminine, and this hairstyle is a great example of it. The hair are cropped really short and swept to the sides.

Foxie Pixie Hairstyle

They are cut in slightly different lengths at the top of the head to give you a foxie pixie look that looks fresh and full of energy. This hairstyle is great fun to wear and is easy to maintain. Dame Judy Dench has made this style popular by sporting it for many years.

Lifted Fringe Hairstyle

This hairstyle gives your face a chiselled look and can make you look taller. It will give you a complete real glam makeover, so check out if it suits your face and body type.

Lifted Fringe Hairstyle

The hair are cropped very short, with a fringe on the forehead. The short, textured strands are then lifted up with some hair products. The fringe is also lifted up, giving your face a soft but strong appearance.

Short With Bangs Hairstyle

Very short crops can be made to look more feminine and stylish by retaining long bangs. This hairstyle is the easiest to achieve and suits most faces. Older women can look years younger by adopting this look. Just ask your hairstylist to cut your bangs that end just past your brow line.

Bangs Hairstyle

They can be slightly layered in order to get volume. This is an easy to maintain hairstyle that doesn’t require any hair products to retain shape. You can use a thin hairband to keep the bangs out of your face if you need to.

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Very Short Garcon Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a Hollywood discovery and now many courageous women have adopted it. The hair are cropped very short, but despite the minimal length this cut achieves a feminine look and oozes sensuality. Very short crops draw attention to your face and this hairstyle will get you the most envious glances.

Short Garcon Hairstyle

A very clean outline is maintained in this cut to give a well coiffed garcon look. The short bangs are cut in one large curve from one cheekbone to another, giving it a very dramatic effect. A smoothing product can be used in the hair and then a sculptural texture can be attained with the help of a comb. This results in fine stripes that look really glam.

Hyper Short Hairstyle

If you want a really different hairstyle, then a hyper short hairstyle will help you get that dramatic effect. The hair on one side is cut really short and an elongated top section falls on one side of your face to create a forelock look. A layering in the sides helps to create angles in the silhouette.

This hairstyle can be used to highlight your large and beautiful eyes. It looks best by coloring the hair tawny golden blonde, which gradually gets lighter and brighter towards the elongated side. Micro-thin highlights can be used at the ends of the hair.