5 Interesting Short Layered Hairstyles

So it’s that time of the year again when you just want to eat, feel and look fresh. While you beat the summers by gorging on icy cool stuff, you must also look cool. Short layers are a perfect style this summer. If you are one of those who really like trying new stuff, go get short layers for yourself.

Short layers stand for attitude. They add a modern finish to your hair all together. People often think layers are for lengthy hair only but this is a complete myth. Here are 5 most interesting short layered hairstyles.

Attractive Short Layered Hairstyles

Razor-Cut Hairstyle With Short Hair 

Yes, razor looks are very much in these days. A razor-cut short layered hairstyle is not just easy to sport but very classy to look at also. First get razor layers to your above-shoulder length hair.

razor cut hair style

Ask your stylist to add asymmetric bangs to your front section. You can jazz this look up by going in for a hair colour of your choice. So go and try this one soon. The accessories to be used here are quirky hair bands, you also simply pin the bang up with a bobby pin.

Imperfect Layers With Random Curls 

This one is for all those who like being cute all the time. Get yourself some imperfect looking layers. Go for a bang that extends right up to your ear and there you are, ready to go.

layers with random curl

This style can be accessorised very well. You can also randomly curl your hair. For instance, just curl up the back side of your hair. People with natural curls can also sport this one very easily. Use hair danglers to highlight your layers.

Short Layered Pixie 

That pixies look good anytime is no secret. But fun is when you team it up with lots n lots of layers. Try adding lots of textured layers to your pixie.

short layered pixie

If there is one ‘almost no maintenance’ hairstyle, this has to be ‘It’! One basic tip, use some mousse to add more movement to your layers and it will see you through the day. Short fancy clips or colourful tic tacs will add just the right amount of fun required to your attire.

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Short Layered Bob 

For people with really thin hair and short hair, this one solves the problem. A short layered bob is here teamed up with lots of finely and clearly cut layers.

layered bob

It often takes the shape of the face and looks really adorning on any face. Don’t forget to use a tiara when stepping out for a party. You could also use small colourful hair extensions here.

The Flipped Out Layered Bob 

You could call this a remixed version of the classic bob. All you need, to achieve this style, is a perfect bob and a great stylist. Get layers added to your bob.

flipped out layered bob

Make sure your crown has lots and lots of layers. Now when styling, just blow dry the layers and use a flat iron to flip out all the layers’ ends outwards. This sharp hairstyle looks good on almost all faces types. A flower is all you would need to team up with your party dress.