5 Medium Length Curly Styles

One common perception of curly hair is that it is very difficult to manage, especially in the case of women. Although this may not be totally false for curly hair does require extra care and extra maintenance, it also makes for great hairstyles.

Women possessing medium length curly hair can do varied styles with their hair. These are not even time consuming or messy. Casual hairstyles can turn out to be stylish whether your curls are god-gifted or permed, and they look natural, soft and carefree. Follow these 5 medium length hairstyles to make your curly hair look fashionable and pretty.

Medium Length Curly Styles

Half-up Half- down Style

This style has always been a popular style for medium length hair and adds height to one’s look. Take all of your hair from the top between your two ears, pull it back neatly and puff it up so that your hair doesn’t look flat on the top. Secure the top firmly with bobby pins.

Half up Half down Style

Make sure a few bangs are falling on your forehead, and sweep them to one side neatly. Straight hair looks good for the half-up hair, and you can achieve this with the help of a straightener. For the remaining portion of hair which is left down, curls look the best. Curl them into loose ringlets to set your hair into neater curls. Add an accessory, use a little hairspray and it’s complete!

The Big and the Bold

This look is big and adds massive volume to the curly hair giving a very wild yet smoldering look. Best suited for a long face, just keep your natural curly hair layered to balance the volume.

The Big and the Bold curly hairs

Tousle it up with your fingers and apply a little mousse to add shine to the look.

The Tapering curls

This style looks very classy and formal at the same time making it the perfect style for parties and weddings. Make a side parting and straighten your bangs. For this look your curls should be well defined and not frizzy.

Tapering curls

Curl your hair properly to produce heavy curls, heavy near the face and tapering towards the bottom so that they lightly touch your shoulder. Use a little spray and mousse to add shine and keep the style intact.

The Elegant Bun

The elegant bun is meant for formal occasions which require the woman to look sober and graceful in her style with soft and curly fringes on her face. Back comb your hair which will help create some volume on the top.

Bun for curly hair

Short girls can go for a high bun while tall girls can opt for a low bun. Grab your hair by the nape of the neck, make a loose pony tail with an elastic band and wind it up to make a bun. Secure it with bobby pins. For the fringes, leave it soft and curled and slightly side swept to add softness to the look.

The Side Swept Style

A soothing hairstyle, this look works best in wavy layered hair. Smoothen out your curls a little, to produce a wavy look. One can add serum to the curls as well.

The Side Swept Style

Comb through the hair gently, make a side parting and sweep it to one side, the bare side being tucked neatly behind the ear; this will make your hair look charming and sophisticated.