5 Minutes to a Creamy Complexion

What is one of the most common makeup mistake women make often? Not applying foundation. Not using this totally cool product is a big mistake. I mean it was invented for a reason, so why not take full advantage of it.

If you wish to have a smooth and clean skin in no time, then foundation is your pal. This magic potion helps you to hide the scars, Acne and blemishes in a few minutes. Isn’t that great or what.

Now that you know what wonders foundation can do, you need to know a few things about it as well.

First of all, you cannot just apply any foundation. You need to find the right foundation, something that matches your complexion as well as your skin type. There are different types of foundation available for different types of skin.

For example, if you have oily skin, then use water based foundation. On the other hand, if your skin is dry, use a cream based one. At the same time, make sure it matches your skin tone. Do not use a lighter shade to make you look fair. That will only make your complexion worse.

While you are trying out your foundation, apply a bit on your jaw line as well as on your wrist. But make sure you check it out in natural sunlight. That will help you to find out if the foundation color is right for you or not. That is another common mistake women make – purchasing the wrong tone color of foundation. Do not make that mistake.

Take the amount of foundation you need and mix it with a bit of moisturizer. This will provide your skin with the extra moisturization. Sometimes, the oily skin also needs that. Besides, it will add the extra shine to your looks.

Some tend to apply foundation with hands. It is better if you use a brush or a sponge. That will help you to blend the foundation with your skin, not leaving any blots or patches.

After you are done with the application, apply some loose powder with a brush on your face to complete the look. Do not use a compact. Loose powder will help the foundation to last longer on your skin.