5 Most Stylish Hairstyles For Junior Proms

So, it is your big night as you graduate from junior high school. Every girl spends days thinking of that perfect look and dress. Hair plays an important part because they define your personality really well. The trick for a junior prom is to keep it simple yet stylish. 

You may try and put all your effort into finding that right dress for you junior prom, but your hair is most important as it can make or break your look. So we give the 5 most stylish junior prom hairstyles which will make you look your very best on this special night.

Attractive Hairstyles For Junior Proms

Loose Braids 

This year sure belongs to braids. You can see braids and just braids everywhere. This one could probably be the easiest of the lot. Blow dry your hair, softly side part it. Now bring all the hair to one side by softly brushing them with a hair brush. Start tying your hair into a soft and loose braid right from your nape.

loose braid

Stop the braid just about 1-2 inches from the end of your hair. Use a colourful band to tie it. Now take few strands out from the other side and let them loose completely. This junior prom hair style looks best when it is imperfect.

Half Clip With Bangs 

Tie your hair half up on your crown. Secure it with studded pins to match with your outfit. Now side sweep your bangs in a way to cover one of your eyes completely. This look goes great with a flowy nightgown.

Loose Hair With Twisted Side 

Loose Hair With Twisted Side

If your hair is long, use your high point to highlight your looks on your big night. Wash your hair, blow dry. Now softly side part your hair. Take a thick strand from one side. Twist it slowly and then tie it with a fancy looking clip on the side. It is perfect for any outfit and looks simple and sweet.

Low Pony 

Everybody is sporting a high pony. Go for a low pony instead. Carefully brush your hair back and secure them together using a pretty rubber band at the nape.

low pony

Use some mousse to add shine to your hair. Low pony hairstyle is best suited for off shouldered-dresses. They highlight your collarbone and neck. So go, draw attention. Do not forget to wear some long chandeliers.

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 Messy Bun 

This one is for those who are adventurous. A messy bun can look really hot and stylish at the same time. All you need to do is comb all your hair up on your crown and tie it into a loose bun.

Loose and Messy Up

Now loosen few stands deliberately to make them fall out. This hairstyle looks great when teamed up with short dresses. Use some lotion to curl your loose strands with your hands, renders a more chic look.

Fluffy Half-Do 

Fluffy Half-Do

If you have big curly hair, this one is for you. Half clip your hair at the crown. Now use the bang section and straighten them. This combination of curls and straight hair look great each time. It can never let you down. It keeps away your curls from the face, yet makes the bang cover it beautifully. It goes great with a strappy outfit.