5 Natural Ways To Increase Your Fertility

increase fertilityThe reproductive phase or child bearing years in a woman’s life are somehow regarded as a special phase. Being pregnant is a fantastic and humble experience for any woman. She enjoys and shares this time of great joy, anticipation and dreams with her partner and looks forward to the bundle of joy on the way.

But the phase of pregnancy and the bliss of motherhood or parenthood don’t come easily for some couples. Even after trying for a long time some women fail to conceive. A successful conception depends on a number of factors – heredity, her physical and psychological conditions, her partner’s health etc.

If you are planning for a baby or have gone through failed attempts of conceiving, you need to boost your fertility in order to increase the chances of pregnancy. Here are some of the natural ways to achieve this.

Natural Ways To Boost Your Fertility

Have A Check On Your Weight

Overweight can lead to so many ailments and health risks, not to forget the ill effects it has on a woman’s fertility. Being overweight or underweight is a serious concern for the woman who is planning to conceive. Excess body weight can lead to overproduction of certain hormones which can disrupt the ovulation process.

check Weight

So it is important to indulge in regular workout sessions which will help you prepare your body for pregnancy. Also be warned not to overexert yourself with workouts. Strenuous workouts can have a negative effect on conception.

Reduce Coffee

Are you fond of coffee and cannot live without at least a cup a day? Well, you have to part with this caffeinated drink now in order to boost your fertility.


Experts opine that caffeine can reduce the activity of Fallopian tube muscles which carry the eggs. That means if the Fallopian tubes cannot do their task of transporting the egg from ovaries to the uterus, the chances of fertilization are greatly reduced.

Quit Smoking And Drinking

Smoking and drinking habits can seriously affect a woman’s fertility. Toxins due to smoking can reduce the quality of eggs and they can also interfere with fertilization and implantation process off egg.

Quit Smoking

What more worse can you expect, it also causes ovaries to age. Drinking too can have similar ill effects on ovulation. It can affect the sperm production and quality of sperms in your partner. So it is better to avoid smoking and drinking in order to increase your fertility.

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Healthy And Balanced Food

Switching to a healthier and nourished diet can overcome the deficiency of important nutrients required to prepare your body to have a baby.

Fresh green vegetables

A healthy intake of food keeps the menstrual cycles on track,  subsequently the ovulation,  and thus increasing the chances of conceiving. Include proteins, vitamins and minerals rich foods in your diet like fruits, green leafy vegetables, low fat diary products, egg, fish etc. Minimize the intake of carbohydrates.

Reduce Stress

Another natural way to increase your fertility is by controlling the stress levels. Never take this factor lightly as it can kill you from inside. Stress can cause delayed or missed periods and affect the ovulation process. Stress can also have a negative effect on the fertility hormones.


So control your stress levels by practicing yoga and relaxation techniques and carry out the sexual activity in a happy and cheerful mood which leads to increased fertility and a successful conception.