5 Pretty Hairstyles for Wet Hair

wet hair lookWomen are at the top of their game when it comes to juggling multiple tasks simultaneously. Despite being an efficient ‘super woman’, managing the home and office front with perfect ease, it is impossible for any woman to spend more than ten minutes primping in front of the mirror in the morning.

A lot of women stick to simple hairstyles or end up rushing out of their homes with wet, stringy hair in the mornings because of time constraints.You don’t necessarily have to end up looking like a bedraggled mess because of your wet and tangled locks. Some simple hairstyles for damp locks, which will help you give the whole hair drying process a skip, are listed below.

5 Pretty Hairstyles for Wet Hair

The  Sexy  Side Bun

You can sweep your wet hair to one side to fashion a sassy side bun. This hairstyle can be created in a jiffy. Use a wide toothed comb to create a deep side parting. After making the side parting, apply some light hold gel to your wet hair. Comb your hair from root to tip so that the hair gel spreads evenly.

loose side bun

Gather your hair at the back your head in a ponytail and hold it in place with one hand. Deftly twist the ponytail into a side bun. This cutting edge hair style articulates subtle sophistication and can be worn to the office with aplomb.

The Boho Goddess Look

The boho goddess hairstyle look is not as complicated as it sounds. In fact, this ethereal hairstyle can be fashioned in next to no time. After stepping out of the shower lightly dry your hair with a towel. Remember the hair should still be wet to get this particular look, so don’t end up over drying your hair.Run your fingers through your hair while scrunching it simultaneously. This is basically done to add volume to hair. Now create a natural off center parting using your fingers. Once this is done use a pretty ribbon to tie a tight headband. After ensuring that the headband is nice and secure tuck the ends of your hair into it. Continue tucking your hair into the hair band till you get the desired look.

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The Crimped Look

This particular look for wet hair is designed to add a lot of volume to your natural locks. Add some light hold gel to wet hair. Comb your hair from root to tip with your fingertips.

crimped style

Scrunch your hair with your fingers at regular intervals. Your hair will appear naturally wavy and full bodied. To keep your locks in place, spritz on some hair spray.

The Cute Side Ponytail

Fashion wet hair into a cute side ponytail to grab eyeballs. This particular hairstyle is extremely popular on the fashion runway currently. To get this look lightly dry your wet hair with a thick towel. Now comb your hair with a narrow toothed comb. Use a small walnut sized dollop of hair gel to add some shine to the hair. Create a deep off center parting and pull your hair into a ponytail just below your ear. Hold the ponytail in place with a simple hair clasp or a scrunchie.

The Loose Braid

This particular look for wet hair can actually make you look subtly sexy. Simply pull wet hair back and tie it into a loose plait.

loose braid

Secure the end of the plait with a rubber band and you are good to go. You can up the style quotient for this particular look by wearing a single classy hair pin.