5 Safe Beauty Treatments During Pregnancy

Beauty Treatments During PregnancyIn some strange ways pregnancy is a time of contradictions. On one hand your skin glows but on the other, you face lots of breakouts on face and sometimes pigmentation.

On one hand you begin to look beautiful but on the other you become quite grumpy and tired as your feet swell up and backaches become a regular nuisance. The good news is that you can take care of these odds and can look and feel beautiful as ever even during your pregnancy. Here are some tips.

Beauty Treatments During Pregnancy

Say Good Bye To Salicylic Acid

During first three months of pregnancy, many women feel acne spurt on their faces. It is because of the rising levels of hormones in the body. Unlike earlier, do not use salicylic based creams and face washes. Salicylic acid can enter into your blood stream and can harm your baby.


Use some home based remedies like gram flour powder or clay to dry the pimples.  If the breakouts are ruining your face then talk to your doctor for some safe prescriptions.

Go For Facials


For maintaining the beautiful glow on your face, you can go for facials. Make sure to visit a well trained beauty expert, who can assess the changes in your skin during pregnancy and can give you a safe facial.

Avoid Anti-Aging Creams

By all means, cleanse tone and moisturize your face at bed time but do not use anti-aging creams during pregnancy. They also contain some chemicals which can prove to be counter-productive for your baby’s growth and development. You can use home based face masks and scrubs as anti-aging formula. Egg white works well for reducing wrinkles when mixed with clay and applied on face regularly.

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Go For Regular Pedicures

Due to weight gain, your feet tend to get tired and get swollen. As the time progresses, your feet begin to ache due to excessive pressure. On the other hand, due to big belly size, you find it tough to clean your feet properly. Take this opportunity to get regular pedicures done.

Pregnant Feet Pedicure

The massage done during pedicures will take care of aches and scrubs will keep your feet clean. If you suffer from hypertension during pregnancy then consult with your doctor before going for pedicures.

Use Olive Oil For Preventing Stretch Marks

As your belly stretches, stretch marks will begin to appear. If you are worried about stretch marks then start using olive oil as soon as second month of your pregnancy. Regular application of extra virgin olive oil will ensure itching free skin and will also help in reducing appearance of stretch marks to a great extent.

Olive Oil

Above all, do not get obsessive about looks. Pregnancy is the time when your body is nurturing a new human being inside your womb and so enjoy the feeling of being a ‘creator’ and enjoy the changes it brings to your body and looks. They will not remain with you forever. So, go with safe beauty treatments and say good bye to harmful ones.