5 Simple Beach Makeup Ideas

Summer is a season that’s incomplete without spending time around beaches and pools. The cool aquatic atmosphere gives a soothing and refreshing effect. However, every woman wants to look best even on the beach.

Often women skip makeup while on the beach in the fear of getting smudged and washed away. Here are some simple ideas that can make your vacation on the beach outstanding:

Ideas For Beach Makeup

Bronze Goddess

Think beach and think a beautiful woman with shiny bronzy skin. We all look up to that kind of beachy perfect makeup. It is an easy idea. What you need is a liquid bronzer that can be applied on your face and body as well.

Bronze Goddess

You can use a lotion version or the oil ones that will give the amazing glow instantly. MAC bronzing oil is a good option. Pair it with nude glossy lips. Keep the eyes simple by only applying a few coats of waterproof mascara. This will prevent the mascara from running or smudging.

Aqua Effect

Keeping the cool water of the sea in mind you want to give a touch of blue to your makeup as well. The best way to flaunt blue is by using an aqua coloured eye liner. You can draw a line across the upper eye lid and make it prominent by drawing a line along the lower water line with a black liner.

aqua effect

Remember to use a waterproof one so that your fun filled adventures in the sea don’t make you look washed out. For a dramatic twist you can use the liner to draw a line across your lower lash line and use lots of mascara. This will make you look more sexy and glamorous.

Crimson Tide

Wavy hair and a full pout can look hot and happening on the beach. Try this look by applying a tinted moisturizer for the base. Keep the cheeks free of colour and concentrate on the lips instead. There are few ways you can try this look. If you want more brightness you can directly apply the colour or blend it with a brush. If you want just a subtle touch of crimson pat the colour with your fingertips. For a sensuous look, apply a clear gloss at the centre of the lips.

Green Smoke

The summer breeze, the blue water and the white sands can be challenged with a green smoky eyes look. Prime your eyes with an eye shadow primer.  Use 3 shades of green for this look- a lime green, a leafy green and a darker green. Apply the lime green on the inner half of your lid and the leafy green on the outer half.

green smoke

Draw a line on the crease with the darker green shade. Use a smudge brush to blend all the colours until it gives a rocking green look. For extra touch draw a line across your upper lash line with the dark green shade just like an eye liner.

Pink Pout

Apply a waterproof foundation for the base to even out your complexion. Choose a shade of pink that looks most flattering for your skin tone. It will be best if you choose a matte shade.

pink pout

Use a liner of a similar shade to shape and line the lips. Then fill in by applying the colours with a brush or apply directly onto the lips. You can pair this with black waterproof liner on the eyes for a striking contrast.