5 Simple Home Workouts Without Weights

Four Workout Exercises For Women

Exercising regularly is very important for every woman in order to keep fit and shapely. A toned body looks great, but going to the gym for exercise routines may not be possible for all. Also, lifting weights may not suit everyone and can lead to injury at times. For all these reasons, it is much better to exercise without weights by including home workouts in your daily exercise plan.

You will find that it is much more fun as you can do them in any favourite room of your home and you can easily tone up your body with the right kind of workouts that don’t require lifting weights. Another advantage is that there are no additional costs involved here and if you find it boring to go the gym every day, home workouts can be the best way to ensure you keep yourself fit. Given here are some home workout routines that you can try.

Home Workouts Without Lifting Weights


Squats are the best way to warm up when you are starting your home workout routine. Stand with your legs slightly apart and hands stretched in front at chest level. Squat as though you are going to sit on a chair.


Your thighs should come parallel with the floor. This workout helps strengthen your leg, back and core muscles without having to lift weights with your legs as you do in the gym.


This is another great home workout that doesn’t involve lifting heavy weights, yet helps to burn fat and builds your muscles as almost all the muscles in your body are involved in this exercise.


This is very helpful in losing weight as muscles help burn excess calories. In a classic pushup exercise, you need to stretch your legs straight, keeping hands under your shoulders, and lower your chest to the ground. Repeat a few times daily.

Step Ups

step ups

Strengthen and tone your leg muscles with the help of this simple yet effective home workout. You can either do it at home on the steps, or get a stair climber for yourself. You need to step up and down quickly as though you are climbing stairs. Start with one leg and switch to the next leg after a few reps. See how simple it is to burn calories and tone your muscles without even having to use any weights!

Jogging In Place

Jogging In Place

This is one of the simplest home workouts that doesn’t involve any weights and can be done in any room of your home, whenever you are free. Get a good pair of shoes for yourself and start jogging standing in a place. Do this for five minutes initially and gradually increase the timings. This cardio workout is good for your heart and blood circulation.

Walking Lunge

Lunges are good for your leg muscles and also help to strengthen your back muscles. Without having to visit a gym and lifting weight, this simple workout will get your heart rate going and improve the circulation in your legs.

Walking Lunge

Stand with your feet slightly apart and step forward with one foot, lowering the other knee down on the floor at an angle of 90 degrees. Walk ahead repeating the same step with the next leg.