5 Simple Natural Cures For Hypertension

hypertension1Today’s lifestyles come with a heavy price. People are often found suffering from hypertension, a condition that is the outcome of high blood pressure. Hypertension often worries people because of other major health problems that are associated with it. It often risks some of the most deadly diseases.
Hypertension is easily preventable but still one must take really good care of oneself to avoid all the unwanted complications. Medications often result in some serious side effects. Regular check-ups and few alterations in lifestyle can help you treat hypertension really well. Here we give the 5 simple natural cures for hypertension.

Natural Cure For Hypertension

Watch Your Weight 

A controlled body weight solves half of the health problems. You must watch your weight carefully and exercise as much as you can. Go for morning or evening walks, jog or simply hit the gym. But make sure you exercise in some way or the other for at least 35-40 minutes regularly.

Prepare for a pregnancy

Blood pressure is directly associated with weight. As the weight increases, so does the blood pressure. So make sure you are not over weight. Consult your doctor and find out your ideal weight as per your height. Make sure your waistline is much in control.

Healthy Diet 

Diet again helps control hypertension very much. A diet, rich in whole grains, vegetables and fruits is a must for you. Maintain a food diary to keep a check on what you eat. Diet can help you reduce your hypertension naturally. Include potassium in your diet, Potassium helps in controlling the effect of sodium on your blood pressure.

healthy diet1

Consult your nutritionist to know more about potassium-rich foods and find out the potassium level that is best for you. Stay away from fried and junk food completely. Drink as much fluids as you can. Increase your water intake overall. Ideally you must drink 50% of your body weight in ounce. If your weight is 120 pounds, you must drink at least 60 ounces of water every day.

Reduce Sodium Intake 

Watch your sodium intake. Try and reduce it in every form. Sodium tends to increase blood pressure. So always keep a track on how much salt you eat in a day. Always choose foods that are low on sodium. Processed foods are especially high on sodium so avoid it at all costs.

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Say No To Alcohol 

People sure say alcohol is good for health but we that’s when you consume a little alcohol. Steer clear of alcohol completely if you suffer from hypertension.

avoid alcohol

The protective effect of alcohol is lost the moment you consume it in quantity. Also, if you aren’t a drinker, don’t start drinking just to control your blood pressure in moderate quantity. Alcohol does more harm than good to anyone. So always say no to alcohol.

Raw Almonds 


Eating a handful of almonds every day is a great way of controlling your blood pressure. It can work significantly. The monounsaturated fats found in almonds are believed to control blood pressure level immensely. They lower the cholesterol level, lessen the arterial inflammation and hence help in reducing levels of blood pressure.