5 Simple Steps To Safely Remove Ingrown Hair

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The unsightly and extremely painful problem of ingrown hair is the result of regular waxing, shaving and / or laser treatments. Women who crave perfect looking skin are driven absolutely crazy by ingrown hair condition. Ingrown hair, which is similar to a razor bump, is a common skin problem which afflicts an individual after he or she attains puberty.

Coarse ingrown hair normally develops on the chin, the legs, arms and / or the pubic region. Although ingrown hair condition is medically harmless it can result in skin discolorations, scarring and skin infections if it is not treated properly.

An Insight Into Ingrown Hair Condition

When the sharp point of a single strand of hair grows sideways into the epidermis or curls back into the hair follicle it can result in a potentially painful skin condition called ingrown hair. A typical ingrown hair will appear as a pink or even tan colored bump on the skin akin to a mosquito bite or a small pimple. Women complain of ingrown hair problem on their arms and legs.

Anybody can suffer from this benign skin condition. However, it has been observed that people with naturally curly hair are prone to suffer from ingrown hair problem.

Steps To Remove Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair that is left untreated can lead to severe inflammation and stinging pain. You can safely remove ingrown hair by following some simple steps. Listed below are some effective techniques to get rid of ingrown hair condition.

Apply Warm Compress

Apply a soft cloth that has been dipped in a bowl of warm water (not boiling hot water) directly over the ingrown hair. The heat which emanates from the warm cloth will soften the skin and open the clogged pore.

Opening the skin pore can help to remove the trapped hair strand with minimum amount of pain.

Apply Warm Compress

Sterilize A Small Needle Or A Pair Of Tweezers

A fine needle or a pair of sharp tweezers can be used to extricate the trapped hair. However, it is imperative that you sterilize the needle / tweezers by immersing it in a bowl of boiling water for five minutes or submerging the tweezers / needle in some powerful alcohol wash. Sterilizing the instrument can help to reduce the chances of contracting bacterial skin infection.

Sterilize A Small Needle Or A Pair Of Tweezers

Locate The Ingrown Hair

The ingrown hair, which loops back into the hair follicle, can be located just below the pink or tan colored bump on the skin. The sterilized needle or tweezers has to pass just below the exposed hair loop.

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Gently Free The Ingrown Hair

This is the most challenging part of the whole process. You have to free the ingrown hair from under the trapped skin without pulling it out completely.

Pay extreme attention while freeing the trapped hair strand as one false step can lead to further pain and inflammation. Gently tease the hair back into an upright position.

Gently Free The Ingrown Hair

Apply Antiseptic Lotion

Apply antiseptic lotion on the exact spot where the ingrown hair has been located using a clean cotton swab. Antiseptic lotion can kill any bacterium which might be present on the skin and reduce further chances of skin infection.

Apply Antiseptic Lotion