5 Simple Steps To Stop Divorce

5 Simple Steps To Stop Divorce

5 Simple Steps To Stop Divorce Divorce poses a challenging situation for every one involved including the children. Divorce is a life changing situation that leads to the termination of marital union. Divorce or breakup of marriage can be prompted by numerous factors including incompatibility between the spouses, ego clashes between the partners, infidelity, lack of communication or depression to name a few causes.

The end result of divorce is a lot of pent up anger, hurt and frustration. An alarming trend seen among the younger generation is the fact that many young couples are opting for a ‘quickie’ marriage followed by an equally quick divorce or dissolution of their marriage. One of the best ways to avoid divorce in the first place is to understand your partner well before taking the plunge.

Steps to Avoid Divorce

There are numerous ways to avoid divorce and the hurt which follows it. Even if you are facing some problems with your marriage, it is important to find solutions which can help your marriage work. Most married couples go through periods of turbulence at some point or the other. Couples who work on their relationship tirelessly are the ones who come out strong.

Working on your marriage to solve petty marital problems is especially important if children are involved. Listed below are some effective tips to solve marital discord and avoid divorce.

Discover the Root Cause of Marital Discord

It is important to discover the root cause of your marital discord or that ‘one’ factor which leads to constant fights between the two of you. However small the problem may be it is important to deal with it in the initial stages before the problem gets totally out of hand. In most cases a certain degree of adjustment in your lifestyle pattern can solve the niggling problem in your marriage.

Invest Time In Your Marriage

If you ask couples who have been married for forty or fifty years the secret to their lasting union, they will in all probability lay it down to having invested time in their marriage. Marriage is like any other project that you have tackled. If you invest time in it, your marriage will work.

Otherwise your marriage will crumble even before it has started. Spending some exclusive time with your spouse can work wonders for your marriage and re-ignite that spark in your relationship.

Eliminate Unhealthy Patterns

Recognize unhealthy patterns early on in your marriage. Do you stay away from your spouse for long periods of time? Do you lavish attention on your friends while you ignore your spouse completely?

5 Simple Steps To Stop Divorce

These are some unhealthy patterns which creep into your relationship knowingly or unknowingly. Eliminating these unhealthy patterns and working on your relationship can prevent the termination of your marriage.

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Re-Ignite Your Love Life

It is very important to re-ignite your love life to keep your marriage on track. Try to remember what were the simple gestures which your partner loved about your while you were dating. Was it the sexy way that you dressed or the way that you loved to maintain physical intimacy with your partner? Just letting your partner know how much you love him or her through simple, loving gestures can definitely help to ease out the tensions in your marriage.

Own Up to Your Faults

No one is perfect and it is important to recognize that fact. Instead of nit picking all the time, it is important to understand that you have your own list of faults. So, instead of going on a fault finding mission, try to work on your own faults to become a better human being.

Start the Healing Process

It is important to forgive your spouse whole heartedly for the mistake he or she may have committed and start the healing process if you want your marriage to work. But the important fact to keep in mind is to truly forgive your spouse and not act as if you have forgiven him or her.

Seeking the help of a marriage counselor or asking a trusted member of the extended family to intervene are just some of the other measures you can take to stop a divorce.