5 Sore Throat Home Remedies For Kids

sore throat in kids

sore throat in kidsKids look the best when they are screaming and running around all over the place. What happens when the little ones get a sore throat? Seeing your kid sitting quietly without uttering a word can be very disheartening. However, sore throat is very common in kids of all ages. Everybody has gone through that phase when sore throat was a common infection.

There are 2 causes of sore throat which could either be by a virus or a bacteria. Kids usually love socializing and they may get the virus or bacteria from an infected kid who has sore throat and cold. The infection is contagious and so, your child must have touched an infected child or an infected object.

Sore throats are not very serious in nature but they can get serious if you do not treat it immediately. In serious cases, you would need to check with a doctor. If your kid has got a sore throat recently then you can treat it at home by using the following 5 home remedies. The good thing about home remedies is that they do not have any harmful effects. Take a look!

List Of Sore Throat Home Remedies For Kids

Gargle With Salt Water

If you remember your childhood days, you would remember with the salt water gargling remedy too. The gargling treatment has been popular since a very long time and is still used to treat sore throats. A sore throat can cause a lot of pain which can only be relieved by gargling with salt water.

However, your child may not like it at first because salt water is not pleasant. Also, your kid should be old enough so that he/she knows how to gargle. You can easily make the gargle solution at home by adding salt to warm water. It does not cost you anything because salt is available in every household. Make sure that your kid does not throw the solution in the washbasin.


Garlic is used to treat almost any illness in this world. If your kid comes up to you with a sore throat, you should give them lots of garlic. Speaking of kids, they will not really like the taste of raw garlic and so, you should add lots of garlic to a broth or a soup. Kids are delicate and like eating tasty foods.


If you give them raw garlic, they might just hate you for that. Garlic is an excellent home remedy for sore throat in kids because it has antiviral and antibacterial properties. It is best to take raw garlic but a kid will never like it. So, make a tasty soup for them to treat the sore throat.

Drink Enough Water

This is an easy one to follow. Your kid needs to be hydrated to get rid of any illness. If your child has a sore throat, he/she should drink lots of water in order to avoid getting dark yellow urine.

When your kid’s throat is inflamed and irritated, he/she should drink plenty of water to fight the irritating cold symptoms. You have no idea how it will benefit your little one.

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Chicken Soup

How about a bowl of yummy chicken soup? Make sure the chicken soup is clear. Kids love delicious foods and so, it will not be a troublesome affair for you to feed them some yummy chicken soup. A bowl of hot chicken soup will help in soothing your child’s sore throat.

chicken soup

It is believed that it has some anti-inflammatory properties which can cure your sore throat effectively. Since eating and swallowing is difficult in this condition, it is best to give chicken soup to your kid.

Complete Rest

This is one time when your kid can get all the attention he/she wants. Let them rest on the bed with enough pillows around them. It is best to keep them warm and fuzzy on the bed rather than sending them off to school with a sore throat. Health always comes first and you should never send your kid to school in this condition.

Also, it is the best home remedy which can cure a sore throat quickly. If your child gets enough sleep, they will ultimately be fine in a day or two. Sore throats are very irritating. The symptoms are really bad and will cause a lot of irritating. Now that you know of all the home remedies for sore throat, you might as well apply it the next time your kid falls sick.

It is always best to treat such illnesses with home remedies first because kids do not like going to a doctor. So, follow the above home remedies and take care of your little one.