5 Steps to Eliminate Hair Damage

If you are looking for some serious hair damage control then you must follow these 5 magical tips that can leave you getting locks that you have never had. These would help you not only to get rid of damage entirely but get a great hair growth with healthy thick hair.

One of the culprits of damaging hair is excessive combing or brushing of hair, especially in damp hair which is not recommended. To mend this condition, you require to buy a wide tooth brush so as to deal with the tangled hair. This is essential especially for curly hair since they tangle a lot.

Remember that hair is most vulnerable when it is wet so do not comb in such a condition. Allow them o dry and then brush up. Another culprit is excess of hair accessories. It is understood that high pony are in but using too tight bands or clips on hair is just like killing it on your own.

It causes excessive hair breakage. Remember that anything tight cause hair to break so use loose fitting or a fabric scrunchie clip for hair tying. Heat is one of the most brutal enemies of hair and can cause the hair to dry, get brittle and it also promotes allergies in scalp. Using dryer, curling iron or pressing machine frequently is too bad for hair texture and causes some serious hair damage.

Allow natural hair drying and for styling, just use brushes and not heating irons. Sun exposure is again a culprit of hair damage. To mend it, you have to avoid it as much as you can. While stepping out of the house, either carry an umbrella or wear a scarf. If you are in to swimming, then your hair are exposed to chlorine water and salt water which are the worst.

They give you nothing but itchy scalp, damaged hair and even skin allergies. Swimming cap is something that should never be forgotten to deal with it. Lastly, in extreme cold take monthly hair treatments as the hair tend to get dry and look lifeless in such conditions.