5 Steps To Prepare For Leg Waxing

5 Steps To Prepare For Leg Waxing

5 Steps To Prepare For Leg Waxing Waxing is an extremely popular option for removing unwanted hair from the body and the face. Unlike other hair removal techniques, waxing is a quick way to remove body and facial hair while leaving the skin super soft. Even though waxing entails a certain degree of pain, it is the best semi-permanent option to get rid of unsightly hair from the face and the body.

An Insight into Waxing Legs

Waxing unlike shaving or threading removes hair from the root. Over a period of time this technique of forcefully detaching hair from the root will make hair follicles weaker. The rough, coarse hair which grows on the legs will eventually be replaced by smooth, downy hair.

Depending on the rate of growth, you will need to wax your legs once every three weeks or even once a month. Getting your legs waxed at a salon can prove to be a costly affair. Today, with ready to use wax strips easily available in the beauty section of most departmental stores, women are opting to have their legs waxed in the privacy of their homes.

Steps to Prepare for Waxing Legs

If you are planning to wax your legs at home you need to follow some crucial steps, to ensure minimal amount of pain during waxing. Following these simple techniques before actually waxing your legs can ensure smoother legs for a longer duration. Listed below are some simple steps to get your legs ready for relatively painless waxing.

Consider the Hair Length

You should not wax your legs before the hair reaches at least a quarter inch in length. Trying to wax your legs before hair reaches at least a quarter inch in length will lead to futility and a whole lot of pain. The wax strips will adhere to the hair better if its length is slightly longer. Typically, the hair on the legs will take approximately three to four weeks to reach the desired length which is ideally suitable for waxing.

Exfoliate Your Legs

For women who have dry scaly skin on their legs or suffer from the problem of ingrown hair this step is crucial. Exfoliating your legs regularly can help to scuff off dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hair.

5 Steps To Prepare For Leg Waxing

You can buy ready to use exfoliating scrubs from large pharmacies or departmental stores. Otherwise you can prepare all natural exfoliating scrubs using ingredients which are easily available in your kitchen.

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Ensure Legs are Clean and Dry

Before waxing you should ensure that your legs are spotlessly clean and absolutely dry. Remove all traces of moisturizing lotion or cream that you have applied on your legs. Moisturizing lotions and / or creams can prevent the wax strips from adhering to the skin properly. Wash your legs with a mild soap and pat them dry with a soft towel.

Use a Numbing Spray

If you have an extremely low threshold for pain, you should definitely buy a numbing spray. These cold sprays, which can reduce some of the stinging pain caused by waxing, are easily available in pharmacies. Apply the numbing spray and wait for a few minutes before waxing your legs.

Learn To Relax

Women who are getting their legs waxed for the very first time tend to be all jittered up. It is important to relax with the help of some deep breathing exercise techniques before waxing your legs at home. If you are having your legs waxed at a salon, listen to some soothing music on your iPod.