5 Stockings With Eye-Catching Designs

Stockings designs

Stockings are a perfect accessory for your short dresses when you do not want to reveal your legs. Girls and women who hesitate to wear short skirts and dresses can go ahead confidently with stockings as their savoir. They provide protection for your legs from harsh weather at times when you have to spend long hours in the sun.; of course you have to choose the right texture for that. Stockings can be sexy too as pantyhose when paired with cute little sexy dresses.

Apart from the regular black and skin toned stockings, there’s is available a huge variety in attractive designs. Stockings with playful designs are a perfect way to perk up your simple outfits. Patterns provide not only an added dimension to your stockings but they can make a style statement too. Check out some of the attractive stockings with amazing and unique designs.

Stockings With Attractive Designs

Animal Print Designs

Animal printed stockings are simply stunning and eye-catching. They can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion from day to night.

You can find amazing designs in animal prints like leopard, cheetah, giraffe and bold zebra print in black and white. You can match your handbag or a striking eye shadow in animal print to go with your outfit.

animal print stockings

Tattoo Stockings

You do not have to undergo painful sessions of tattoo inscribing in order to sport a stylish and intricate tattoo on your legs. You can do so with tattoo designed stockings.

You can even wear a new tattoo every single day! How cool is that. These stockings in nude colors have some interesting tattoo motifs ranging from dragons, to roses and thorns to lovely hearts. Choose yours!

Tattoo Stockings

Floral Designs

Brighten up your wardrobe with these lovely floral stockings. You can never go out of style with these floral designed stockings. Choose sheer stockings with flocked rose pattern where the roses and leaves are slightly raised over the sheer section.

These black patterned stockings are just what you need for a perfect night out. If black is not your choice, then go for a pink stockings with red tiny flowers. If you want to try some bolder looks opt for vibrant large flowers.

floral stockings

Galaxy Prints

Bring down the sky, stars and the whole universe on to your feet! These galaxy designed stockings are a unique collection to your wardrobe. The starry night sky with twinkling objects printed on your stockings can brighten up any outfit. Team these stockings with black a black dress or a casual tee for a bold statement.

Galaxy Print stockings

Stripes And Dots

The graphic zigzag stripes can be incredibly flattering when worn with a plain dress. The stripes in vertical angle can make your legs look slimmer and longer. Multicolored rainbow stripes can lift up your mood and add so much life to your entire look.

Polka dots are a classic design pattern in a woman’s wardrobe. You can choose polka dot designs in daring colors or opt for a unique design where evenly spaced dots are cut out to give a peek-a-boo illusion.

dots stockings