5 Stylish Belts For Women

Women’s belts are functional and fashionable clothing accessories which complement a fabulous ensemble. Belts are no longer just bands of cloth or leather hugging your waist to support the trousers. Belts have come a long way from this initial avatar of theirs. Today belts, especially women’s belts, give body line definition to loosely defined garments, besides adding a pop of color to a plain ensemble. Modern belts have the power in them to convert even a drab dress to a work of art in a matter of minutes.

Women and fashion go hand in hand. Women who want to stand out in a crowd need to accessorize their outfits intelligently. An intelligent and economical way to give any ensemble an interesting twist is to experiment with different kinds of fashion belts. Fashion belts for women, which are primarily made from leather, cloth or metal come in numerous fascinating designs. Some stylish belts which every woman should possess are mentioned below.

Stylish Belts For Women

Classic Belts

Classic belts are a must have clothing accessory in every woman’s wardrobe. Classic women’s belts are generally crafted from high grade leather. Blacks and browns are the colors of choice for classic leather belts. Classic leather belt is an appropriate accessory for any formal outfit.

classic belts

However, you can also team a classic / vintage leather or fabric belt with informal ensembles, to create an out of the box fashion statement. Classic belts which can give a unique finishing touch to your ensemble are considerably more expensive than fashion or decorative belts.

Braided Belts

To impart a carefree, bo-ho chic vibe, accessorize your outfit with a braided belt. Women’s braided belts have become extremely popular in a very short span of time. Leather and fabric are materials of choice to make braided belts.

braided belts

Braided belts come in a variety of sizes – from ultra skinny to thick braided belts. The huge sizing option in braided belts means that you can team these belts with almost any outfit. Braided belts typically sport interesting buckles, which only add to their overall appeal.

Elastic Belts

Elastic belts or stretch belts are absolute winners in the fashion style stakes. Elastic belts unlike traditional belts are worn higher on the waist. The waist cinching elastic belts fits a woman’s waist like a glove. Elastic belts are generally fastened with satin hook and eye tapes or clasp closures.

elastic belts

Some elastic belts even come with interesting buckles. Elastic belts which are generally used to accessorize summer outfits come in a range of mesmerizing colors. The uber comfortable elastic belts are often embellished with rhinestones or diam-antes. Elastic belts are used to accessorize evening dresses, as they add a hint of old world charm.

Chain Belts

Flaunt your super toned waist by wearing a stunning chain belt. Women’s chain belts come in a range of dazzling styles. A simple chain belt can be used to accessorize your little black dress.

chain belts

To up the style quotient, team your uber feminine dresses with rhinestone or diamante embellished chain belts. Depending on your outfit you can choose to wear an ultra thin or a chunky chain belt. So, invest in a sparkly chain belt to connect with your inner diva.

Webbing Belts

If you cannot afford expensive leather belts, then opt for stylish webbing belts. Webbing belts are a great alternative to traditional leather belts. Webbing belts are crafted from canvas.

webbing belts

Webbing belts unlike traditional belts have unique adjustable buckles which help to hold the belt in place. These belts can be worn with informal outfits like jeans, informal dresses and skirts.