5 Stylish Hairdos For Long Hair For Prom

long hair for promGetting ready for the most special night of your life? Prom is supposed to be a cherished event in every young girl’s life. She wants to look her best and wishes to grab a cute guy’s attention.

If you have chosen the dress already, then you need to focus on other things such as a stylish hairdo. Keep it long when it is about a prom night because long hair certainly attracts every man in this world. If you have long hair, then you need not worry because you can style it in various ways.

The question is that should you keep it loose or tie it up into a loose bun? We have the solution for you right here! Keep reading as you are about to explore the 5 stylish hairdos for long hair for prom that you must flaunt.

List of 5 Stylish Hairdos For Long Hair For Prom 

Glossy and Thick Curls

Glossy and thick curls are just so feminine. Curls can never go out of style because they look sexy on every woman.

Glossy and Thick Curls

If you have long hair, then you can curl it up with a curling machine or go to a stylist. Make sure the curls are thick as it looks very retro. You would need to use a shine serum in order to get the glossy curls look.

Keep It Straight And Add Some Shine

Straight hair will always grab everybody’s attention. If you want to keep it simple, then straighten your hair and add some shine. You would need a flat iron and shine serum to get this look.


If you do not want to take any chances, then you can ask your hairstylist to give you geometric haircut and then straighten your hair. It is very easy to get this look at home all by yourself!

Braids For The School Girl Look

Since you are young and free, you should get your long hair braided. This is the most popular hairstyle when it comes to prom hairstyles. It looks great on those who have really long hair.


You can make a braided loose low ponytail with some strands of hair left loose around your face. It is a classic look and you can wear any kind of prom dress with it. You can also accessorize your low pony with some cute hair accessories like flowers and stars.

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Slick Straight Hair For The Chic Look

You read about the straight hair with extra shine but you can also go for the slick straight hair which is completely straight like needles.

Slicky straight

You can do a center parting for the perfect Avril Lavigne look! Most of the teenage girls are really fond of Avril Lavigne and so, you might want to sport this look. It gives you a very 70’s look which is chic as well as different.

Curl It Up At The Bottom

If you are planning to wear a mermaid prom dress, then you need to curl up your hair from the bottom.

curl at bottom

There is one hairstyle which entails you to curl up all the hair on your head but here, you would need to curl up the hair at the bottom. Your hairstylist will be able to give you the perfect look. Make sure you add a little volume to your hair for the ideal look.

Now that you know about the 5 stylish hairdos for long hair for prom, you might as well start working on it. Make sure you look the prettiest at the prom. Don’t forget to take pictures too!