5 Super Effective Natural Cures For Eczema


eczemaEczema or atopic dermatitis is a skin disease characterized by inflamed skin, itchy rashes and blisters that ooze out to form crusts, when dry. Although it is not quite certain as to what causes eczema, but allergic reactions along with some internal problem in the digestive system can trigger it. Mostly, it affects small children but it is also seen in some adults.

Eczema can be very uncomfortable and the wounds are often unsightly. There are several medications that are prescribed by doctors to treat eczema; however, these medicines may have side effects that will affect the body in the long run. Hence, it is best to try and treat eczema in a natural way to stop all future outbreaks. Here are some simple natural cures to treat eczema.

Top 5 Natural Cures for Eczema

Aloe Vera

Most often it is noticed that eczema occurs when the skin seems to be very dry. It is therefore, very important to moisturize the skin with natural ingredients. Aloe is a known skin moisturizer and revitalizer.

Aloe Vera

Apply the pulp of the aloe vera on the affected area every day. Do not wash off.Another way to use aloe vera is to drink its juice. Aloe vera juice is very beneficial for the skin as well as the digestive system. It will help in cooling and detoxifying your gut.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has so many benefits that it is known as the king of oils. Apart from its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, it is also an excellent moisturizer.

coconut oil

Using coconut oil for treating eczema will help you get rid of the scaly and itchy skin. Apply coconut oil every day on the affected area to get quick results. You will notice the eczema healing in a few days.


Oatmeal has soothing properties that will help you get rid of the itchiness. People suffering from eczema often end up scratching themselves which only makes matters worse. In order to get relieve from the excessive itchiness, soak in a tub filled with water and a cup or two of oatmeal. You can also pour some oatmeal inside a sock or stocking and rub it on the affected area gently. Wash with cold water.



Avocado is very good for skin as well as the body. Include avocado in your diet to get the essential fats and oils for the body. You can also make a paste of some ripe avocado and apply it directly on the affected area. Leave for an hour and wash off with cold water. The avocado will moisturize and heal the skin.

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Vegetables and Fruits

We often forget that green vegetables and fresh fruits are extremely important for our diet. It is the vegetables and fruits that provide the body with fibre and nutrients that keep the system clean. And we all know that a clean system is what it takes to have a clear glowing skin. Eczema too can be treated by having vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, watercress, carrots and sweet potato. Fruits like apples, berries, melons etc. are also great for treating eczema as they have nutrients and properties that help in the healing process.

Vegetables and Fruits

Having juices of fresh vegetables and fruits will show significant results. Following a vegetable and fruit based diet for a few weeks will cure eczema naturally. These diets will also prevent any future outbreak of eczema or any other skin disease.These 5 simple and highly effective natural cures will help you get rid of eczema. Remember to seek a doctor’s help if the condition is very severe or you are suffering from eczema while you are pregnant.