5 Timeless Hairstyling Tips

1. Curls and waves.

Curls and waves are sexy, feminine, soft and classic. You can also get these using rollers and irons for curling. When the curling iron barrel is large, the waves will be soft.

Smaller iron barrels and rollers can give you tight or spiral curls. It is the size of the hair section which you grab that determines the size of curls. For larger, softer curls, grab bigger hair sections. Experts suggest holding twisting curling irons or the rollers away from the face and to use the fingers to comb the hair when it cools down.

2: Straightening hair.

If you have naturally curly hair, you can straighten them since straight hair gives a shine to the locks. Use a thermal spray to protect hair from heat damage and start working in sections; straightening smaller sections at a time by using a flat iron, beginning at the hair roots and working downwards.

3: Ponytail.

Ponytails are the best for work, partying or going out shopping. They give you a polished look, apart from looking elegant. Styling a ponytail and the accessories you put on it are important. They are very easy to achieve. Brush the hair back, or pull them back with your hands and tie it with a cloth elastic band since these will have no metal parts, which can pull or break the hair. To complete the ponytail, apply a hairspray to seal it so that it doesn’t fly into wispy strands.

4: An updo.

Updo is classic, elegant and glamorous. You have a number of variations, from buns to twists and ringlets that are pinned. Updos are okay for formal occasions like weddings, you can also wear them for casual events, if you can make it a bit messy by hanging down some pieces. Pull the hair up if you have dry or frizzy hair. This will prevent hair from falling into your face or hanging outside.

5: Parting hair

Though parting hair sounds trivial, it can offer a change which is simple and yet brings about a big change. If you generally part your hair to the left side, change it to right and get a new look. True hairstyles are not timed and classicism in hairstyles is great on anyone, even as they offer a number of options. To get a classic look you should use the correct techniques and right products.