5 Tips On How To Dress For Work

Though office is definitely not a place for a fashion show but dressed as a faux pass can seriously ruin your image and cast a negative impression. Dressing for work requires you to maintain a fine balance between the latest trends and elegant dressing that is appropriate as per the office norms and culture.

This article will provide you some insight and tips on how to dress for work that will make you cast a positive impression for success.

5 Tips On How To Dress For Work

Neutral Colours are a Good Choice

Neutral Colours such as beige, brown, black, etc. are ideal for office environment. A white blouse over a black skirt or trousers always looks classy.

how to dress for work

Pants in earthy shades of browns and beige cast a smart impression. Formal shirts in light colours can be easily teamed with dark trousers.

Try Skirts to Look Different

Trousers are commonly worn in the office. If you want to look a bit stylish, try wearing pencil skirts of varying lengths. Pencil skirts not just look professional but give a well-fitted appearance.

Tips To Dress For Work

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While wearing skirts, team them with pantyhose or stockings especially if the skirt is above knee-length. Too much of skin show can go against the office norms of elegant dressing. Moreover, wearing stockings will make your legs look slender.


You can accessorize your formal attire to look chic. Just make sure that items which look flashy are avoided. A thin string of pearls is an eternal accessory for workplace. It goes well with all kinds of attire and makes a lasting impression. Silver jewellery is yet another classy option for workplace as it is sophisticated and elegant. You can put on a subtle pair of silver earrings to accessorize your outfit.

5 Tips On How To Dress For Work

Another important aspect of dressing for work includes choosing the right kind of footwear. Pencil heels are stylish and smart. Kitten heels can also be worn to look taller. However, if you are not comfortable in carrying heels, stay away from them. It is better to wear flats than keep slipping while walking and giving a clumsy impression.

You can also carry bags in hues of black, browns, beige, green, etc. to look chic and fashionable. Visit a store and look for bags meant for office purpose. Bags in leather, leatherette and suede are more suitable for office.

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Body odour is a complete no-no for workplace. Wear a pleasant and subtle fragrance to office.

5 Tips To Dress For Work

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The smell should go well with your personality. However, if you are not sure of which one to pick, a floral smell is always a safe choice.

Things to Avoid

Never go to work dressed in complete casuals except if it’s a dress down day. Also, a messed up look with a half-tugged shirt may be all right for a weekend outing but never for office. Skin-show at workplace can invite negative reactions from people. Loud makeup will overshadow your personality so keep your makeup subtle and light. When in doubt about choosing an outfit for office, simply wear a black dress.