5 Tips On How To Have A Long Relationship

5 Tips On How To Have A Long Relationship

5 Tips On How To Have A Long Relationship Relationships are a lifetime commitment for various couples. Such couples usually find some special way of communicating with each other to keep their relationship alive. However, all people are not as mature as some others are. Therefore, irrespective of the fact that they give highest priority to their relationship, it still shatters in the end. Sometimes two people are though in love, but are still apart.

Immaturity and ego are not always relationship spoilers. At times, even the approach with which you handle your relationship makes a huge difference.

Just like it is necessary for a bird to make a nest in a teeming tree (as it offers more protection against an intense storm), it is necessary for couples to completely trust each other (to keep up the love they share). In the lapse of a proper approach, misunderstandings and silence slowly start replacing love and trust. Thus, you must handle your relationship with care in order to make it long lasting and unbreakable.

Ways to Make a Relationship Long Lasting

Indulge in a Discussion

Almost all the relationship problems are known to the world. The problems may vary according to the nature and maturity level of the couples involved, but the solution can always be obtained by discussing an issue. No matter if it is a small doubt that has surfaced in your relationship, or you are annoyed due the lack of proper care (if your partner is not as expressive as you are), you need to talk it out and come up to a logical solution.

In the absence of this factor, usually couples keep imagining things within their mind and the assumptions are disastrous. If you keep things inside your heart and refrain from discussing them, there would be no ‘us’ left in the relationship. Instead, ‘us’ will be replaced by you and me. Therefore, the first thing that helps you to have a long relationship is proper communication.

It is a fact that relationships are mutual responsibilities, as they involve two people. In order to make your relationship long lasting, you need to keep this mutuality alive. The reverse case will land the two of you in a situation where you both will become strangers again. Either such relationships break or are dead relationships that are just being dragged a little further. The more you drag a lifeless relationship, the more it bruises your soul. Therefore, it is necessary to openly discuss everything with your partner.

Apologize Once you Realize your Mistake

Seeking forgiveness is equally as difficult as forgiving someone. However, the correct way to keep a relationship long and strong is by forgiving the seeker, once he/she accepts his/her mistake. Even if you are the immature one in your relationship, it is your duty to seek an apology as soon as you realize your mistake.

5 Tips on How to Have a Long Relationship

This increases the patience, maturity and the trust level of your partner manifolds. Therefore, the existence of two factors i.e. seeking for an apology and forgiving once the seeker realizes the mistake make a relationship very strong. Thus, learn the art of forgiving and the willingness to seek an apology when you are guilty.

Avoid Arguments during Tense Times

Though, couples should always properly discuss all the issues; however, it is sometimes better not to temporarily indulge in a discussion that can turn into an argument. Once you gain enough strength to keep calm even under stressful situations and tense phases of your relationship, you must immediately discuss all the issues that make your partner dubious of you.

It is a wise choice to remain silent for a while, until you get back to your senses. Words that spill out of a person’s mouth in anger cannot be taken back. Therefore, it is better to make sure that you are completely calm, before you start solving the existing issues between the two of you.

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Forgetting is Good Sometimes

Forgetting in a relationship doesn’t mean that you forget the important events like your anniversary or the birthday of your spouse. Forgetting in a relationship means overlooking some of the errors in your spouse and the mistakes that he/she commits. Some issues are too small to be even mentioned, and avoiding such issues is a good practice.

This is because; a nonsense issue is mostly the one that leads to a bigger fight, since couples solve the bigger ones sensibly. Hence, the things that can be overlooked must be overlooked. This habit helps you in the long run.

It is Good to Hide Sometimes, Though for a While

Usually, it is advised not to hide or keep secrets in a relationship. However, soul transparency is the most important thing in any relationship. Though, hiding or keeping secrets is not a good act, but if you do it with an intention of not hurting your partner, it is not a bad practice either. Sometimes it is not important to tell everything; especially, if your partner is very possessive.

5 Tips on How to Have a Long Relationship

Possessive people usually over-react in normal situations too. Consequently, they fail in digesting even the regular things. You must work on building the trust factor between the two of you. Once your spouse gains enough wisdom to understand everything, you must unveil all those things that you kept from him/her.

All the above-mentioned 5 tips can help in keeping a relationship lively. However, the 5th tip must be understood deeply. If mis-understood, it can create distances in your relationship and can eventually even break it forever. Hiding certain things that are normal to any sane person makes sense.

However, if you hide even after your partner is wise enough not to over-react, you are no longer hiding but cheating. Therefore, be very cautious in dealing with a relationship. Remember, it is very easy to fall in love, it is much easier to make promises till destiny and luck supports you, but it is very difficult to fulfill those promises in your real life to let your relationship live forever. The people who rise in love after falling in the same are the ones who leave behind a love story that never ends.