5 Tips On How To Regain Your Figure Post-Pregnancy

Regain Your Figure Post-PregnancyAre you worried about regaining your figure after having given birth to your baby? A lot of new mothers are having similar concerns and it is good to give a thought to this problem as it is important to lose that extra weight that you have put on during pregnancy. However, it is best to focus on your baby and your delicate health, putting off exercising and other measures for at least 12 weeks after delivery.

Then you can start with a weight loss program for regaining your figure post-pregnancy that involves good diet, gentle exercises and other techniques, setting a goal in your mind of achieving the right weight loss within a year’s time. Do things slowly as that will help keep the weight off in an ideal way and will not affect your health. Given here are some ways in which you can achieve your goal in the correct manner.

Best Ways To Regain Your Weight Post-Pregnancy

Breastfeed To Lose Weight

Breastfeed To Lose Weight

The best way to lose weight after giving birth is to breastfeed the baby. This is good for the mother and the baby as well. It can help you shed all that extra fat that you have gained during pregnancy and will help you bond better with your baby too, thus releasing good hormones in your body that ensure your well being. However, if you are not able to breastfeed for some reason, watching your calorie intake is very necessary in order to regain your figure.

Post-Pregnancy Workouts

The best way to regain your figure post-pregnancy is to walk and walk as much as you can. However, remember that too much of exercise and overexertion is not too good at this stage. Start slowly and then increase your pace as your stamina returns. As the baby grows, you can take it in the pram with you and spend a lovely time walking together, gaining back your earlier figure in no time at all. You can also include swimming and light aerobics as the days progress.

Yoga To Regain Your Figure


If you want to regain your figure post-pregnancy, there is no better way than achieving it by simple yoga exercises. You will need to learn some simple positions and eventually you can do them smoothly. Doing yoga regularly will benefit your health immensely and help you to lose weight effectively, without having to stress your body too much.

Relax For A Post-pregnancy Body

New mums are always under lot of pressure as life changes completely and the newborn requires constant attention. Over-stressed people tend to gain more weight as body releases more sugars in the bloodstream that gets deposited as extra fat in the body.


The eating patterns also change and lack of sleep may lead to overeating. So, learn to relax in order to regain your figure. Breathing exercises are very helpful and learn to sleep every time the baby sleeps so that you can get a good amount of rest.

Eat Well For A Better Post-pregnancy Body

While it is important to eat well even after you deliver the baby, it is equally important to eat the right types of foods that provide nutrition and yet prevent weight gain. Eat lots of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts and everything healthy.

whole grains

You can also drink green tea regularly in order to increase your metabolic rate. Avoid the temptation of reaching out for junk foods and sodas. Eat well and eat healthy in order to regain your figure post-pregnancy.